Let's bet about Dart and Flutter at a meeting of the Russian-speaking Dart community in St. Petersburg

    November 30 in St. Petersburg will host the annual meeting of Dart developers . What it is?
    Firstly, this is an opportunity to learn something new (if you have never heard of Dart). Secondly, this is an occasion to have a good time, especially since this time everything will not be quite usual.

    What has not changed is that Wrike has been writing its product on Dart for 3 years . We changed several frameworks (now we are writing on a bunch of Dart + Angular), reworked legacy mountains and even tried Dart on the backend.

    They are ready to tell, argue and answer jokes and trolling about everything.

    This time the meeting will be held in the city center, in the space of Golitsyn Hall. Getting there will not be a problem, and the hall will accommodate up to 200 people.

    We were supported by the language developers from Google, so expect a report from the Dart Lang Dev Team about Flutter (take your colleagues from mobile phones to the meeting) and answers to questions about Dart from the creators of the language. By the way, your question to the language development team can be left in this form .

    The guys from a friendly craft brewery specially prepared for the event 4 varieties of Wrike + Dart beer.

    What else awaits you? Short reports from those who have already tried writing on Dart, a “free microphone” for everyone who wants to say their disapproving “fi” to the language, funky vinyl in between reports, pizza, and, of course, talk about the front-end.

    The report program is being supplemented and so far looks like this:

    Anders Sandholm, Google- Dart and beyond: Flutter
    Dart Team, Google - Q / A section about Dart language
    Alexey Zolotykh, Wrike - A Samurai story. The path that the Dart code goes from the IDE to the browser
    Maxim Grebenshchikov, Wrike - Dart puzzllers. What should dartizans know?
    Alexander Polyankin, Wrike - Strong Mode and Dart Type System

    Last year's reports

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