Announcement of Moscow Python Meetup # 50


    Hello! On November 23, Rambler & Co attic will host the jubilee fiftieth meeting of the MoscowPython community. At the meeting we will hear 3 reports.

    1. How we scaled Scrum - Alexey Lobzov (Alfa-Bank)
    Why did you need to scale Scrum? How did the LeSS framework help us? What problems did we encounter and how did we overcome them?

    2. Pipfile, pipenv, pip ... what ?! - Ivan Chernov (, Python Developer)
    Python has a favorite pip package manager for all of us, but progress does not stop and the community has made a new convenient pipenv tool. Let's look at it and answer whether it's time to switch to it?

    3. Practical Hypothesis - Alexander Shorin (Senior Python Development Engineer, Rambler & Co)
    At MoscowPython 33, I already talked about the state of property testing in Python and briefly about Hypothesis. I propose to continue, but on the merits. In this talk, I’ll show you with examples how to effectively use Hypothesis, find subtle bugs and improve the quality of your tests.

    The event is free, and registration is required -
    We have pizza and tea!

    Beginning at 19.00
    Location: Warsaw highway, 9, p. 1, entrance number 5. Attic Rambler & Co


    Be sure to register and take your passport with you so that the security of the business center misses you!

    Come, it will be interesting!

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