Heisenbug 2018 Moscow: a look from the crowd

Hello everyone, my name is Tanya and this is my first article on Habré.

In early December, the Heisenbug 2018 conference was held in Moscow. This event has already been covered by many: one , two , three .

I noted for myself that basically only positive aspects were affected, although there were also negative ones. I want to share my view on this event. If someone does not agree with my opinion, then so be it.

I will start in order, this is my first Heisenbag and I came to him from the glorious city on the Neva. Good morning to Sapsan, then a taxi and here I am at the door of the Radisson Slavyanskaya. I was many times at conferences, meetings, but it was the first time at an event to test this scale. A good impression was from the constant pointers, only you are going to turn to the side, as the pointer tells you "stomp forward and to the end."

Met friendly at the reception. It was only strange that the queue did not exist and everyone shoved where. A strange idea for people who want to get more positive emotions from the conference than negative ones.

In principle, my “turn” came pretty quickly, I was given a package with staff (a package? Yes, it was really a package with the inscription Heisenbag, not a bag, nor something interesting, but a black package) and a badge.

The staff included a notebook, pen, schedule (as it turned out to be wrong), a white thing, the functionality of which was also given a lot of time in the dialogue in the Telegram, a duck, and, of course, the package itself!

As it turned out, some of the people even got no staff, how could this have happened, if the organizers knew how many tickets were bought offline, it remains a big question.

Then cute cloakroom attendants and greeting guards. True to the participants went the rumor that these were just statues, but no, they even smiled sometimes.

Ladder, everywhere posters with the name of the conference, all as at similar conferences.

Get up, a few stands in front of you in a circle.


An excellent riddle with the Letter, many people hooked, it was interesting, they talked a lot with everyone and called to themselves. Not everyone guessed right away that the characters are an encrypted site on which you need to enter a number from the bill and get the Name. You enter the name on the envelope in the column To and expect the end of the second day. Nice staff :)


Stands that sent broken links to your own pictures, it's a shame.

The idea to give out T-shirts for the passed test was successful, everyone stuck on their stand, eating candies.


Pleased with puzzles. 2 days 2 sheets (if I missed nothing) and also invited to my team.


Pleased with candy in the form of sweet bugs and Alias ​​on the topic of testing :)

(thanks for the photo instagram.com/helen_605 )

Deutsche Bank

As one of the guys said, “drafts turned out to be the most divergent material at this conference,” and that was so. Constant tasks, communication and jokes. Places, however, they were not enough, but all those who approached them did not remain without a smile and logical puzzles.


Glorious guys, but, unfortunately, lost against the background of Baduu. There were also all sorts of logical puzzles and funny stickers

Alfa Bank

They decided to present themselves through bots with questions in the Telegram. With me, they only raised the bot 3 times and we immediately dropped it, in general, there were a lot of tasks, but their performance failed.

On the second day, they just gave Google the form to fill out, according to the results of this form, it was necessary to get 60+ points, I got super non-functional 4 gig, how to use it remains a mystery only if the card with the logo is broken off.

There was also a phased game, which led to a new bot, which also did not function and just sent everyone to the man on the stand for riddles.

Gett taxi

The idea to make an application with the Taxi program and questions on various topics was great, people approached, scanned the QR code and stuck into the game.

There was also a stand Rifma, where you could pick up logical puzzles and even win them.

Well, yes, everyone had stickers, so the laptop is now full of :)

A little about the organization.

The organization of the event itself was excellent. This is in terms of convenience of the hotel, snacking and discussion areas, ottomans and BoF-sessions, as well as Ask Expert zones.

In total there were 3 halls: large and 2 small. And I was a little embarrassed by the fact that almost all invited guests from large teams, especially English-speaking, were placed in small halls. For example, at a lecture from an eBay man, people just stood in the aisles to listen to a lecture.

Yes, large lectures from the small halls were broadcast on the Demo Stage, but why it was necessary to do this if half the seats in the large hall were empty.

I'll tell you about the lectures that are very memorable.

The first introductory lecture was from Baruch Sadogursky “We have DevOps. Let's fire all testers. ”

It was a great lecture for the opening of the conference. There were a lot of jokes and stories from the series “how it happens on the project”. Baruch told the main ideas of DevOps and how they came to this in general.
The lecturer did not leave anyone indifferent, everyone laughed and answered his questions.

After the lecture, he handed out books that went like hot cakes.

Ekaterina Mikheeva presented an excellent charge of energy and humor in her report “A Thousand and One UI-bug, or How to teach the developer to avoid typical mistakes in the UI”.

The story was about the practical experience of testing UI on different devices, especially on Android. Catherine told which device is better to choose to test the UI. And that, in principle, if there are only 5 devices of certain parameters, then you can cover almost 100% of user scenarios. She also told about funny bugs that she found on her project.

The first day ended with an unprepared report from Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov “Epic fails of device manufacturers”.

Speech was not unique. At first, he was late for his report for almost half an hour.
Then it turned out that for someone it was a completely unknown person, for someone a star from whom you can expect anything. He walked from topic to topic, then affecting the technique, then politics. As a result, some people were delighted that he was speaking, although not on the topic. The other part did not understand why they put it as the final report of the first day.

The stand-up YouTube tab in the real time without a specific topic united all listeners in the chat. Telegram in the discussion of rubber ducks, as well as their exchange.

It was even decided to pat him so that he understood that the time was running out, only he reacted something like this, “He quoted Steve Jobs and broke applause. It's good".
In the end, everyone happily left after him and went to a party.

The first day ended with BoF sessions and a party. I don’t see any reason to talk about it, everyone found what he wanted.

On the second day, a report was devoted to UX. She was told by Antonina Khisametdinova “Tester's Voyeurism, or How User Monitoring Will Help You”.

Antonina showed a lot and told about the habits of users, how to adjust the UX for the necessary functions. Showed how on real projects the same page was done differently and how the user reacted to it. She told how to grow and develop, who should listen and what to do to grow in the UX. At the end of the report she gave books and various topics for discussion.

In the small hall was a big report from the King. He was presented by Alexander Andelkovic “Artificial intelligence for testing in Candy Crush Saga”.

At the conference there were not very many topics related to game dev. In a rather short story, Alexander told where and how QA can develop in a company as large as King. Shared order of ideas and implementation levels, methods of testing them, and how to update them on the combat servers. "

The closing report of the second day caused all the delight, who was attended by /
" The extremes of testing: Tricks of the dark corners of mobile interfaces "represented by Vitaly Friedman.

Showed a variety of unusual ideas of sites that have ever been there, and on the Internet. He told me some inconvenience, and web application developers the convenience of reaching the set goals and the black PR, it is also of PR.

In addition, yli bonuses in the form of flying candy.

As a result, if you find in the list of speakers or what you are really interested in and your company can pay for your trip to the conference, then you definitely need to go.

But we must expect that the report may be canceled (as it happened even the day before the conference) or that the speaker can be placed in an uncomfortable room.

If the next time I want to listen to the report, I take the online version, to lose time on a trip to another city and part of the lectures that were not at all interesting.

Strange streams were compiled, I, as a manual tester, was not very happy when in all three streams they talked about Selenium, amen.

What embarrassed me

  1. On the first day at the opening of the conference there were very long speeches about sponsors.
  2. Some people did not get the staff, someone only half.
  3. A strange approach to the distribution of the hall. Before the conference, everyone filled out a questionnaire, where they chose which lecture was more interesting to distribute the halls, or no one passed the questionnaire or something went wrong.
  4. Not from all the places there was a good overview, it concerns small halls, but it is rather a question to the venue or placement of seats.
  5. After the second day, some of the people immediately went on a plane or train, but there was nowhere to leave things, the organizers did not think of anything. Some people were able to give bags to people from the organizing team of Jug.ru.
  6. Strange moment with water in the breaks. Stood bottles of 1.5 liters and it was necessary to pour himself, the waiters did not react to it.
  7. Translators. They simply did not exist, okay for Russian people who study and are even useful for them, but they were not for the English listeners. That is, invited English-speaking participants simply listened to Russian, not understanding what was happening.
  8. Information on the issued schedules did not correspond to reality. And the site did not always cope with the influx of guests. The official bot on the second day gave out the schedule from the first
  9. Mail.ru was standing machine with photos. Many came with broken links, someone did not come at all. There are no photos, although more than two weeks have passed.
  10. And where are no cakes on the cake. You paid, went to the conference, listened, were or were not satisfied, returned and ... as a result of the conference you receive a MANDATORY questionnaire consisting of 80 questions. You will pass it within a week, or you will not receive a link to the video of the lectures that you have already paid.

Of the pluses, I remember the video before the performances.

Once you are here, it means you have mastered my article. Development to you and thank you for your attention.

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