Financial Literacy Fair

    Moscow Exchange invites to the Fair of financial and exchange services -
    In the year of its 25th anniversary, the Moscow Exchange organizes the first in Russia Fair of financial and exchange services - The event, unique in its scale and format, will take place in a week. We invite you and your loved ones to become guests of the Fair!

    When : September 30 and October 1.

    Where : at the Museum of Moscow on Zubovsky Boulevard, 2.

    How to get there : admission is free by prior registration on the website: .

    We will bring together the most experienced and talented specialists in the financial industry of our country, as well as successful public people who will share their knowledge with you.

    • Seminars and master classes from the best market practitioners will be held at four sites simultaneously. There will be a minimum of theory, the focus will be on real experience: you will learn how to correctly invest, manage personal finances, create a family budget and what to do with the mysterious cryptocurrencies that are talked about so much.

    • Your performances are prepared for you:

    • Chairman of the Board of the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin,
    • President of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo" Andrei Sharonov,
    • journalist and TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov,
    • practicing psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky.

    Each of them will share his success story and talk about the pitfalls in the world of finance.

    A separate place at the Fair is allocated for the edutainment zone. Our partners will effortlessly teach you how to work with investments, open accounts on the spot to everyone (don't forget your passport!), And also give away gifts.

    • Participants in the Edutainment zone, partners of FINFAIR:

    • Moscow Exchange
    • Sberbank
    • VTB 24
    • VTB Capital
    • FINAM
    • BCS broker

    In the courtyard of the museum you will find an outdoor recreation area:

    • food court with craft food: burgers, European cuisine, duck dishes, coffee, tea, desserts;
    • photo zones and art objects.

    A special space will be created for children over eight years of age at FINFAIR: children will have educational games, master classes, a cable ladder and, of course, a swing. The children's center of the Museum of Moscow will also be open for visiting: the schedule of master classes can be found on the museum website. Please note: in the children's area, the presence of parents who are responsible for the child is mandatory.

    FINFAIR in social networks:

    Come yourself, take your children and parents with you, invite friends and acquaintances.
    See you at FINFAIR!


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