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    The new FunCorp development team has been working for almost a year (by the way, exactly the same amount we are actively developing our blog), and during this time the guys managed not only to get used to each other, work together, build processes, but also acquire their own professional slang. In everyday life there are generally accepted terms that are understandable to the IT community, and purely fan korpovskie. On the eve of the New Year, we decided to get a little confused and put all the terms and expressions together. The result was a small non-dal dictionary.

    Amnesty - the task to unban all users.

    Example of use :
    - On February 29, we will send letters on amnesty.

    Java boyars are developers using Java. Can be used with any respected programming language, but not suitable for PHP and JavaScript.

    Example use :
    - Java boyars, how to add an HTTP request header to the logback context?

    Unloading to Zeplin means our work is over here.

    Example of use :
    - Upload layouts to Zeplin.

    Move buttons - be a UX / UI designer.

    Example of use :
    - What are you doing at work?
    - I move the buttons.

    Detox- feature to reduce the toxicity of content and comments.

    Example of use :
    - A new task has appeared in the detox branch.

    Stuck build - Russification team Build -> Clean Project.

    Example of use :
    - After the change of branches, my build is not going to.
    - Conjure it.

    Throw in rezolv . Rezolv - Worklflow. When the task is ready, we throw it into rezolv.

    Example of use :
    - Throw in rezolv.

    Dead-conflict - the conflict of merging edits from different branches in the same place.

    Usage example: when the control system cannot decide for itself how to apply the changes, we have to throw up our hands and vaguely exclaim: “What the fuck is this, Sergey?”

    Chandelier - Adobe Illustrator.

    Example of use :
    - I do in the chandelier.

    Manifesto - the rules of the game for teams.

    Usage example :
    - Welcome to the team! First of all familiarize with the manifesto.

    Finish the little things - when the task is not ready, but the ideas of one designer have already ended, you can transfer it to another, so that he can “finish the little things”. Or continue to suffer over it yourself.

    Example of use :
    - And I will finish the little things later.

    The man is the candidate.

    Usage example:
    - Christina, a man to you.

    Deployment window - a period of time in which a deployment can be performed. By agreement, this is lunchtime in Moscow, when users from the United States are asleep and have little traffic.

    Example of use :
    - It is necessary to secure 5 features.
    - But you did not get into the window!
    - Then tomorrow.

    Reinstall the card . Pods (abbreviated from CocoaPods) is a project dependency manager. Often, when there are problems with the compilation of the project, reinstalling the pods helps (pod install command). The joke is that in any incomprehensible situation, you need to reinstall the hearth and try to reassemble.

    Example of use :
    iOS # 1: My project is not going to.
    iOS # 2: Reinstall scams!

    Pixel perfection - perfect. Usually used when it comes to icons, but in general, everything should be “pixel perfect”, in general everything.

    Example of use :
    - This icon is not pixel perfekt.

    Shelf - sheer drop in graphics and subsequent recovery.

    Example of use :
    - I see the regiment in the number of registrations. Nothing changed since January 1?

    Popabol is a dumb thing that hurts users a lot, or a problem that seriously affects a business, which is why it flies from management.

    Listen to traffic - means that you need to use a sniffer to connect to the device and start listening for incoming / outgoing requests.

    Example of use :
    For testing part of the tasks, as well as for localizing defects, it is important to understand which requests are leaving the client device (smartphone) and that the server is responding to it. This can be done by listening to traffic.

    - We do not pass authorization.
    - Listen to the traffic: what we send, and what the server sends.

    Cut by Progard - remove unused classes in the project when building with ProGuard.

    Example of use :
    - We have dragged a bunch of unnecessary classes.
    - Progardom will be cut.

    Roll on 100 - 100% of users see changes.

    Example of use :
    - Anrids rolled by 100.

    Rebase- update the changes in your local repository.

    Example of use :
    - Infused feature, I recommend re-upgrade.

    A pen is a function (method) that can be called and retrieved the necessary data.

    Example of use :
    - Where can I get information about the user?
    - Pull the handle user.

    Stylgide - the most important thing in design.

    Example of use :
    - Staylgide - it either exists or it does not exist.

    Skip handles - transfer the task from one status to another yourself, without the help of a bot.

    Example of use :
    - The task is not transferred to the test.
    - Skipni handles.

    Speca- document with feature specification.

    Example of use :
    - In the speculation everything is written, but check with customs.

    Stress to regress - regression testing is monotonous and tedious, so not everyone likes them to do, as a result - sometimes stress occurs during a regression.

    Example of use :
    When it comes time to regress, some testers experience stress (an eye starts to twitch, for example, attacks of suffocation, etc., occur).

    Customs - moderation team content.

    Example of use :
    - Customs is hard.

    Under Uganda, to start under Uganda

    Uganda is a country where there is no Internet, and the easiest way to isolate the environment is to take it to another country. That is, if the user is in Uganda, then only Ugandans will be able to see its content, but there is no Internet in Uganda, so real users will never be able to see what's going on in testing and, accordingly, they will never get entities that are not ready for production ( may lead to errors). Therefore, we see only real errors from users.

    Example of use :

    - How are we going to test in order not to hurt production?
    - Let's test under Uganda!

    Fichebag is an error found in testing a specific task.

    Example of use :
    To collect testing metrics, it is important to separate component and integration defects, as well as to be able to clearly localize them in the context of ongoing test activities. Fichebag is one such way.
    - I returned the task to the test.
    - Is that the one that had a bunch of fichebags?

    FeatureBranch - branch (branch) in Git, in which the feature is done.

    Example of use :
    A large feature is decomposed into several tasks. Each task has its own branch. All tasks for this feature are merged into one branch (feature branch) for further testing and merging with the main branch of development.

    Ficcate - a process in which lower priority features are removed from development to version.

    Example of use :
    - We have too many tasks for the version. All just do not have time. It is necessary to conduct ficcate.

    Frieze (also known as freezing) is the first step in creating a release in which the core team assembles ready tasks from others.

    Example of use :
    - Today we have a freeze, so I will add an article tomorrow.

    Hotfix - changes made to a running application "on the fly", without stopping work. It is used to eliminate urgent errors and vulnerabilities.

    Example of use :
    Dev # 1: It seems that after the last release the load has increased 15 times!
    Dev # 2: It's time to release a hotfix!

    Hook- trigger on the event. A branch goes down, and the hook sends it to the assembly. Such interconnections greatly facilitate the work of the developer and make the infrastructure layer imperceptible, leading everything to beautiful buttons.

    Example of use :
    - How do you see the work of a devops-engineer?
    - Spread hooks all around and press the button.

    Hell color - any color that looks like hell.

    Example of use :
    - The color of the link is hellish, but it cannot be changed.

    Charlick is a tool for monitoring HTTP / HTTPS traffic.

    Example of use :
    - Do not come advertising.
    - Look at the charlie that there.

    Stagger- means to perform some kind of unsafe action. In everyday work, “stagger something” means “to perform actions with something that could potentially cause problems,” used to warn others.

    Example of use :
    - I’m experimenting, crouch!

    Estimate - before accepting a task for testing, it is necessary to evaluate it so that after you have an idea of ​​the actual remaining labor for a task or task pool, and also after completing the task, compare the plan or fact. Estimate - the same assessment.

    Example of use :
    Before testing, the specialist evaluates the upcoming tasks in man-hours. If the assessment (estimate) is not, then utter the following phrase:
    - I here looked board with our tasks. Where is the estimate, friends?

    And what professional slang and terms do you use? Share the most interesting and fun in the comments.

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