Graphic Designers for the Mind and the Soul: 20 New Lessons

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Even the most experienced and knowledgeable designers never stop learning, tutorials will tell you how to use new technologies, functions, tools and methods. Perhaps the following techniques will save you time and energy, improve your skills and abilities. And remember: repetition is the mother of learning.

Here are some graphic design lessons that hit the Internet this year. The list is divided into tutorials for Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and for other programs.

Adobe illustrator

Training materials for Illustrator. Despite growing competition with applications such as Affinity Designer and Sketch, Adobe Illustrator is still a tool - the number one choice among graphic designers and studios around the world. Here are six of the best Illustrator tutorials / tutorials that have been spotted this year.

1. How to create a geometric pattern

Here briefly Chris Spooner from Spoon Graphics demonstrates how to create a geometric pattern in a vector. You can either follow the walkthrough to create the same pattern, or turn on fantasy and create your own work.

2. The master class. Dynamic gradient

In a lesson from the Russian artist Alexandra Zutto, 16 simple steps that demonstrate by example how to create something magical from simple forms. The only thing you need is patience. Soft gradients can add depth and beauty to your vector graphics.

How to optimize and export SVG image

By following this guide, your vector images will look flawlessly on websites. In this tutorial for Illustrator, Ivaylo Gerchev explains how to properly prepare SVG illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

4. How to create waves from digital particles

To create this amazing effect - use the Blend tool in Illustrator. In this tutorial, Chris Spooner explains how to create fantastic abstract wave graphics using the Blend tool. The initial elements and the effect are created in Illustrator, you can improve the image by working with it in Photoshop.

5. How to create graphic shapes

You can learn the basics of graphic design with expert Ben O'Brien.
In this 10-step tutorial, illustrator Ben O'Brien walks you through the process of creating graphic shapes that you can fit into the scene effortlessly. Close attention is paid to body language, physical proportions and positioning of various parts of the body.

6. How to create an easily editable text retro style

Create editable but engaging text using the Appearance panel in Illustrator.
Chris Spooner shows how to use fills and strokes in the Appearance panel to create constantly defined graphic text that is editable. As a result of the lesson - a set of fashionable, “3D” letters in retro style.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is ubiquitous; it has recently become a verb, noun, and also a concept meaning any edited image. Something like a Xerox) A popular software for design professionals, below are the last six and the best Photoshop tutorials available on the Internet.

7. Quick selection in Photoshop

Luke O'Neill explains three ways to select objects in Photoshop. It's no secret that a large amount of everyday work in a design studio focuses on cut-out and masks, this is a skill that is inherent in every designer. This tutorial describes three basic highlighting methods, as well as ways to use masks to create cool effects.

8. How to make a GIF

Monika Zagrobelna in this tutorial for beginners will show how to create a GIF. Animated GIFs in Photoshop are amazingly simple.

9. How to create a repeating pattern

The process of creating a repeating pattern in Photoshop. In this tutorial, Christopher Fin demonstrated how to split an image into squares in Photoshop and then use it to create a repeating pattern.

10. How to quickly create a two-tone text effect in Adobe Photoshop

At the moment, two-tone text is one of the main trends in design. This five-step tutorial shows how to use textures, a gradient map, adjustment layers, and filters to create a Duotone text effect.

11. How to create the illusion of an endless picture

The concept of “picture in picture” is an optical illusion, the creation of which in this lesson is demonstrated by Melody Nieves. Creating an effect does not require anything complicated, only simple methods of manipulating photos.

12. How to create a movie title text in vintage style in Photoshop

In this lesson, Chris Spooner demonstrates how to create titles for films in the style of old black and white films of the 30-40s.


Below are 4 lessons for InDesign that appeared in 2017.

13. How to create a book cover using InDesign

Laura Hawk in an 11-step tutorial shows how to create the perfect book cover in Adobe InDesign.

14. Mixed Ink Swatch in Indesign

A lesson from Joe Gulliver, a senior editor in which she explains how to create ink patterns and color groups using Mixed Ink Swatch in Adobe InDesign. It allows you to mix pantons with each other and with the process colors, forming new color samples.

15. How to design a typographic poster using InDesign

Want to create an advertising poster in InDesign? A lesson from Joe Gulliver shows the process of creating a typographic poster using a grid of documents.

16. Some subtleties in the process of printing covers. Indesign

If you really want to finish your printing project, you need to learn the various ways to finish your printed products. In this guide, Joe Gulliver explains the processes that she uses to create covers in InDesign (varnishes, ink block sheets, embossing, and relief stamping).

17. How to add video to interactive PDFs in InDesign

Yes, you can add videos to PDFs and this tutorial by Pariah Burke demonstrates how to do this.

Lessons for other programs

Below are links to useful lessons in other programs (not for Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign).

18. How to create a retro logo with Affinity Designer

How to make a logo using the popular alternative to Illustrator - Affinity Designer.

In the lesson, Simon Middleweek explains how to use gradients and effects to create an 80s ala logo.

19. How to create your own font

In this tutorial, Julia Sokolova talks about creating her first font, Bananito, from start to finish. From drawing the initial design, transferring the drawing to the computer and turning it into a font using software - FontLab or Glyphs.

20. Create AR-style graphics with After Effects

After Effects contains several powerful tools to help you create augmented reality (AR) graphics, in this tutorial Laura Hawke explains how to do this.

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