Where to start for young developers of mobile games from Russia in the current realities [Part 2]

    Good day to all! I decided to deviate a little from the plan and devote this post to the analysis of our promo video from the previous post , which can be found here .


    A few dry numbers

    From the 3rd to the 8th of August we received on the channel zero (nothing was published before):
    Views: 6236
    Liked: 78
    Disliked: 16
    Comments: 14 The
    video went to 30+ playlists from different countries and was shared 60+ times .

    The bulk of the traffic came from social networks and various Internet resources, including Habrahabr.

    After the video was published, for several days, we were able to observe the highest jumps in user activity, after which it became moderately stable in the amount of 12-20 views per hour.

    In general, we are satisfied with the result for three reasons:

    1) We were able to collect more than a hundred views, so we managed to arouse the interest of a certain number of potential users;
    2) Collected a good feedback;
    3) We got into the top 10 organic youtube results for requests of interest to us.


    We received very different reviews, the vast majority of positive, but the most interesting right now are justified negative reviews or reviews criticizing specific details. This allows you to make corrections and adjustments in the early stages of development, while the product has not yet been published.

    We knew about some ourselves, for example, the visual component of the gameplay part, on which we are now very actively working. Someone didn’t really like the music, someone didn’t really like the setting and style. For the most part, these things relate to the preferences of a particular person, and alas, they will not work out for everyone.

    But one question we were asked most often in different variations. In a common denominator, it sounds like this: how is your game different from other runners? Indeed, in 20 seconds to show everything that was conceived is simply unrealistic (of course, if you are not developing just a runner).

    To do this, it was decided to write a brief description of the product and make a separate announcement of the game ahead of the planned term, in which we talk about what MonsterBeast is all about .


    The working version so far looks like this:

    Genre: 2D runner-platformer with RPG elements
    Developer: Hell Mushrooms
    Release date: September 15, 2017

    MonsterBeast is a driving platformer with irony sauce, seasoned with references and hints, and abundantly watered with hardcore.

    • Background - anthropomorphic animal world affected by the hellish virus
    • The main character - a modified Ostrich
    • Enemies - beast-monsters from a nearby high-tech dimension
    • The goal - to clear the Earth from the hellish virus
    • Means - pump the Ostrich, RUN, SHOOT, DESTROY!

    At MonsterBeast, we have created a world that reflects our modernity.
    The grotesque-cartoon world will show familiar and everyday things from a new angle, and hardcore and drive will not let the player get bored.
    Even an ordinary Ostrich can become a superhero!


    1) Automatic change of running direction
    2) Non-standard control
    - Character control is carried out with one hand
    - Enemies are killed with the second hand (svaypami) (like Fruit ninja)
    - When changing the running direction, control changes (if you jumped with your left hand and slashed with your right, then when changing the direction of action, the hands will be reversed)
    3) Battles with bosses
    4) RPG elements of the
    Character will need to be pumped. The four standard characteristics that we tried to coordinate as interesting as possible with the physical capabilities of the character.
    Talent branches are not planned yet, but sets of things will not only visually customize, but also have characteristics. Each item from the set can be pumped, and the collected set will give its bonuses.
    Separately, he will have a small satellite, which will also have its own characteristics and characteristics.
    5) Farm
    The player can create his own small "farm" in which various useful things for the character will be produced. The farm can also be improved.
    6) Different difficulty passing, as a player gains skill (changes as desired). It will be possible to play both on difficulty comparable to SuperMario, and on Dark Souls difficulty. Choose you.
    7) Dailiks, wikis, achievements and quests.
    Yes, it will be.
    8) Social component
    - Leaderboards
    - Competitions
    - Groups
    - Group tasks

    Gameplay video

    In order to bring this information to the general public, we recorded another video , where we talk about all this. The video is in broken English (in which doctors write and we sing bourgeois songs), but I think that this will not be a problem for our community.

    Closed alpha

    On August 15-20, we will conduct closed alpha testing, where we will give the opportunity to try out the mechanics of the game. For those who want to take part in it, write to the group's messages on Facebook , we will be happy. Indicate e-mail and contacts for communication in the text.

    Coming soon ...

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