Digital events in Moscow from December 17 to 23

    A selection of key events in Moscow for a week.


    QIWI Make it Real

    • December 17 (Monday)
    • Lenin Sloboda 26s11
    • is free
    • 2 blocks of speeches and 10 thematic platforms for communication. How do we create an ecosystem with payments of 89 billion rubles a month? Microservices, distributed architecture, machine learning and self-organization are not just words for us, but everyday reality.

    Entrepreneurship in the era of the fourth industrial revolution: how to stay on the wave? Meeting with David Yan (ABBYY)

    • December 18 (Tuesday)
    • Lubyansky pr-d 19s1
    • from 950 p.
    • The guest of the meeting will be serial entrepreneur David Yang, founder and member of the board of directors of the ABBYY group of companies. In addition, it is developing a number of startups in the field of AI and automation -, Findo, Iiko, Plazius.

    G 2.0 point

    • December 18 (Tuesday)
    • Myasnitskaya street 13s20
    • from 2 500 r.
    • The hottest digital party of the year

    Burners Bar - we start preparing for 2019

    • December 19 (Wednesday)
    • Podkopaevsky lane 4c7
    • is free
    • On this day, just announce the results of the selection of applications for the Temple 2019, and we, literally online, will find out which project we have chosen this time.


    • December 19 (Wednesday)
    • Bolshaya Polyanka 2 / 10c1
    • is free
    • Alfa-Bank is holding a final meeting this year that will be of interest to developers and infrastructure engineers, administrators and IT managers.

    New Year's meeting Travel Startups 18/19

    • December 20 (Thursday)
    • Lenin Sloboda 26
    • is free
    • Friends, members of the Travel Starups community! We meet in an informal setting to exchange news and celebrate the end of the year.

    Coffins, hearses, embalming: the funeral industry in Russia

    • December 20 (Thursday)
    • Old Basmannaya Street 21/4
    • is free
    • How did modern cemeteries, hearses and coffins appear? Why come up with a balm? How is the funeral industry in different countries? Why are cemeteries in Russia so unclean, and are trucks used as a hearse? The rapid development of new technologies (Internet, medicine) in the 21st century leads to a rethinking of the human body, its borders, and the invention of new concepts of immortality, which jeopardize the old model of the funeral industry.

    DemoDay - release of the 16th Accelerator - FRIA

    • December 20 (Thursday)
    • Myasnitskaya 13s18
    • 3 000 r.
    • The key event of the IIDF for 200+ investors, strategic partners and journalists, where the best IT startups of the 16th set, who successfully passed Accelerator, will perform.

    Demo Day MTS StartUp Hub

    • December 20 (Thursday)
    • Bersenevskaya emb. 6c3
    • is free
    • Here start-ups, investors and top managers of MTS will meet in order to send the best teams to prepare a pilot project - and there already the scaling up of a business in partnership with MTS is not far off.

    Coffee & Founders at The Yellow Door

    • December 20 (Thursday)
    • Passion Boulevard 12/1
    • is free
    • Participants drink invigorating coffee or tasty tea and present themselves and their projects.

    Party "Without Rights"

    • December 21 (Friday)
    • Friendly per. 4c5
    • is free
    • We were all haunted by monstrous letters, ominous calls and edits from hell, so “Beta” gathers designers, developers, managers, customers, and in general all of the digital market to spend the outgoing year together. There will be alcohol for courage, hundreds of friends for support and music to drown out the screams of horror in our heads.

    Product Owner Meetup

    • December 21 (Friday)
    • Bersenevskaya Embankment 6s3
    • is free
    • Teachers of product and project management courses will speak at the meeting: Alexey Avdey, site director at, Mikhail Peregudov from Food Party, Denis Pushkin and Pavel Makukha from Skyeng, Arslan Razykov from MegaLabs and Bayram Annakov, CEO & Founder App in the Air.

    Data Christmas Tree 2018

    • December 22 (Saturday)
    • Leningradsky Prospect 39c79
    • is free
    • At the meeting, we will summarize together what was new in different areas of Data Science in 2018, discuss the latest news with NIPS / NeurIPS, answer the most pressing questions from community members and events, and most importantly, reward those whose contributions to the ODS community significant over the past year.

    Hackathon "Technology opportunities" 2018

    • December 22 (Saturday) - December 23 (Sunday)
    • Pokrovka 47
    • is free
    • Hakaton "Technology opportunities" - this is 36 hours of engineering, technical creativity, important and necessary discoveries. During the event, young professionals from technical areas will create working prototypes or ready-made rehabilitation tools for people with disabilities. The prize fund of the Hackathon will be 200 000 r.

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