10 nearest IT meetings and hackathons in Moscow

    This is the 142nd Moscow Startup Digest. There are meetings for igrodelov and Rust-developers plus mitapy for those who are interested in the topic of startups and trying to do something himself.

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    Techstars Startup Digest [a story about the history of the project in Habré ] is a distribution of events for IT specialists, designers, marketers and founders of startups.

    My Moscow digest comes out since 2012. In his editions, I take (mostly) free events where you can learn something interesting and pump skills.

    1. Key: Parity Moscow Meetup

    When: Sun, December 16th.
    What time: 18:00
    Where: The key Trohgorka Str. Rochdelskaya, d.15, pp. 17–18
    How much does it cost: Free

    Two speakers from the Parity team will speak at the meeting. Pierre Krieger, a programmer at Rust, will talk about p2p networks and the implementation of the libp2p protocol at Rust. Developer Jack Frensham will talk about Parity Substrate, a framework for creating your own blockchains. Also the participants of the meeting will have time for discussion and networking after the event.

    2. LOFT: Make IT Real

    When: . Mon, December 17
    How much: 11:00
    Where: the LOFT # 2 Street. Leninskaya Sloboda, d.26, p.11
    How much it costs: Free

    QIWI conference for those who want to learn more about the operation of electronic payment systems. There will be two scenes, two parallel streams of performances. At the first, the company representatives will tell how machine learning, microservices and Big Data help to create an ecosystem with a payment volume of 89 billion rubles a month. On stage number two, there will be reports on approaches to self-organization, teamwork and product creation - Agile, UX, UI and that's it. Additionally, ten thematic networking hubs will be organized.

    3. #tceh: Advanced Technology Forum

    When: . Tues., December 18
    How much: 10:00
    Where: FRII Str. Myasnitskaya, 13, p.18
    How much it costs: Free

    Representatives of corporations and start-ups, deputies and heads of state bodies will sum up the results of the outgoing year. They will discuss IoT, VR, AR, data management, as well as implemented projects in these industries. Businessmen and startups will be able to offer their ideas on how to accelerate the technological development of the country to the authorities and experts of the FRIA. After the forum, participants are waiting for informal communication and a buffet.

    4. DI Telegraph: REAL Innovations FEST

    When: . Fri, December 21
    How much: 10:00
    Where: the DI Telegraph, ul. Tverskaya, d.7
    How much does it cost: $ 18

    This is a game fest for startups and innovators. The participants, led by mentors, will go through seven steps needed to create a powerful start-up project: from concept to marketing and working with investors. There will also be lectures, workshops, TED pitches, case presentations, discussions, networking — all that will help your project grow.

    5. DO: Product Owner Meetup

    When: Fri, December 21 What time
    : 18:00
    Where: Digital October, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, p.3
    How much it costs: Free

    Mitap, where managers will argue what is more important: a satisfied customer or a company's profit. Representatives from Skyeng, App in the Air, MegaFon and Sberbank will share their opinions. Guests will have an hour and a half after the event to discuss their questions with the speakers.

    6. Hackspace: Technology Opportunities Hackathon

    When: . Sat., December 22
    How much: 10:00
    Where: Hakspeys Str. Pokrovka, d.47
    How much it costs: Free

    The task of the hackathon participants is to create a solution in 36 hours that will make life easier for people with disabilities. The latter themselves will tell about their wishes and will issue tasks. Each team will be assigned a professional mentor, and all developments will be transferred to users. The winners of the hackathon will receive 200 thousand rubles.

    7. BSSAD: design of mobile applications

    When: Fri, December 28th.
    What time: 11:00
    Where: British Higher School of Design, ul. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya, d.10, p.2
    How much it costs: Free

    Students of the British Higher School of Design will demonstrate mobile application projects, and experts and guests will evaluate them. Eighteen concepts will be presented to the jury. The event is suitable for novice developers and those who would like to look at fresh ideas for applications. It is also an opportunity to be a critic.

    8. VSBI: Gamedev.House

    When: Sun, January 20th.
    What time: 11:30
    Where: VSHBI Str. Trifonovskaya, 57, p.1
    How much it costs: Free

    Reports from representatives of the gaming industry, new projects from indie developers, VR stands - all this will be here. Among the speakers are representatives of the studios Electronic Arts Russia, Datcroft and Gemenot. Participants will be told how to deconstruct games and how to become a game designer. The event is suitable junior'am in the field of gamedev and everyone who would like to create their own game.

    9. IMU: do androids dream of electrostimuli?

    When: Tue., January 29. What time
    : 19:30
    Where: Moscow International University, Leningradsky Prospect, 17
    How much: Free :

    Is it possible to call an unmanned car or a robot a subject of law? Do we need to revise legal relations with voice assistants? These and other questions at the master class will be answered by Georgy Tyulyaev, a postgraduate student at the Department of Theory and History of Law at HSE.

    10. MSU Science Park: reconnaissance in force

    When: Sat., February 2 What time
    : 11:00
    Where: Moscow State University Science Park, Leninskie Gory, 77, p.75
    How much it costs: Free

    “Exploration by Battle” is a platform that unites startups and investors. The first will be able to talk about their projects, and the second - to invest in promising ideas. The event will be held in the form of a marathon: eight hours with coffee breaks, ten minutes per project.

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