Preliminary program PyConRu-2017: speakers from Disney, Facebook, Yandex, JetBrains, Tinkoff Bank will speak

    Hello! On July 16-17, the fifth conference for python developers PyCon Russia will be held 95 km from Moscow . Videos from last year’s reports can be viewed on the YouTube channel .

    The program PyCon-2017 turns out to be excellent. Speakers at the conference: Paul Hildebrandt (Walt Disney Animation Studios, USA), Łukasz Langa (Facebook, USA), Nina Zakharenko (Venmo, USA), Alexander Koshkin (Positive Technologies), Kirill Borisov (Yandex), Elizaveta Shashkova (JetBrains), Mikhail Yumatov (CIAN), Olga Sentemova (Tinkoff Bank), Igor Novikov (Scalr),Oleg Churkin (Rambler & Co) - and that’s not all. Details of the program - under the cut.

    PyConRu 2017 reports

    paul.jpgInside the Hat: Python @ Walt Disney Animation Studios
    Paul Hildebrandt, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Los Angeles, USA

    The first headliner is senior engineer at Walt Disney Animation Studios Paul Hildebrandt. Paul leads the team responsible for developing a media asset management system, a media player, a review system for current filming material with a mobile interface, and other similar tools. Among the cartoons he worked on were Frozen, Rapunzel, Ralph, City of Heroes, Volt and others.

    At the conference, Paul will talk about how Disney uses Python to create animated films.

    paul.jpgGradual Typing of Production Applications
    Łukasz Langa, Facebook, California, USA

    Python core developer since 2010, Facebook developer, “chronic perfectionist, pianist, dad” Łukasz Langa will give a presentation on “Gradual Typing of Production Applications”.

    paul.jpgElegant Solutions for Everyday Python Problems
    Nina Zakharenko, Venmo, Portland, USA

    Developer at Venmo, earlier at Reddit and HBO, Nina Zakharenko will talk about common antipatterns in python programs and show practical solutions in python to improve your code using such tools, like Decorators, Context Managers, Mixins, and Lambdas.

    paul.jpgPython on the razor's edge: PyPy project
    Alexander Koshkin, Positive Technologies, St. Petersburg

    PyPy interpreter performance is achieved through specialization, as elsewhere. Senior python developer at Positive Technologies Alexander Koshkin will tell you exactly what is meant by this and how RPython allows you to build fast interpreters of arbitrary languages.

    paul.jpgDebugging in Python 3.6: faster, higher, stronger
    Elizaveta Shashkova, JetBrains, St. Petersburg

    Elizaveta Shashkova, a developer on the PyCharm IDE team at JetBrains, will tell you how the new interface for calculating frames works in Python 3.6, how it can help with creating a quick debugger, and why such a fast debugger could not be created in previous versions of Python. For those who have not yet made the final decision to migrate to Python 3.6, this report will provide some additional reasons why this is worth doing.

    paul.jpgPython of Things
    Kirill Borisov, Yandex, Moscow

    PyCon Russia Permanent Speaker Kirill Borisov will discuss in his report Python’s place in the IoT world, how to use it in communication with various pieces of iron and what it is launched for the sake of great justice.

    paul.jpgTotal performance control
    Mikhail Yumatov, TsIAN, Moscow

    Mikhail Yumatov, Head of Development at CIAN, will tell you what tools are available to monitor the performance of web applications. How to use them to collect detailed information on all operations, quickly detect problems and respond to them. Mikhail will also explain what statistical analysis is and how to use it for a detailed study of the performance of application parts.

    paul.jpgWrite once run anywhere - how much is opium for the people?
    Igor Novikov, Scalr, Kharkov-Lviv

    Although development in Python has shifted towards the server segment, desktop applications in Python are still relevant. Moreover, with the growth of processor performance, python applications have become an opportunity to reduce the financial, human and time costs of releasing desktop versions. And the most interesting point in this is the multiplatformness of such applications. Igor Novikov will talk about multi-platform python, toolkits and the problems associated with them.

    paul.jpgMicroservices strike back!
    Oleg Churkin, Rambler & Co, Moscow

    Oleg will tell you what requirements for the development process and the project infrastructure must be met in order to try micro (services) relatively quickly, efficiently and quite painlessly. He will talk about what problems a pythonist will have to face when using microservices in production. Find out how to choose the right framework or utility library for a specific type of task. He will tell you how to ensure fault tolerance and correctly respond to errors from third-party integrations.

    paul.jpgHow to write your debugger
    Artyom Malyshev, independent developer, Nizhny Novgorod

    Probably only a very talented programmer does not need debugging tools. Changing the value of variables, looking at the progress of the program step by step, sorting it all out will be difficult without Pdb. Artyom will talk about how these tools work, what internal mechanisms of Python VM are involved and what platform limitations they suffer from.

    paul.jpg(Without) dangerous Python
    Ivan Tsyganov, Positive Technologies, St. Petersburg

    This year, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) published the next TOP-10 of the most critical vulnerabilities in web applications. Ivan will tell you what kind of TOP-10 it is and what has changed over the past 4 years since the publication of the previous version. Explains which types of vulnerabilities are in the developer’s area of ​​responsibility, and which ones they cannot directly affect. It will show how popular frameworks help to develop secure applications, and in what situations the framework can not help.

    paul.jpgGevent - to be or not to be?
    Alexander Mokrov, Positive Technologies, Nizhny Novgorod

    Positive Technologies lead programmer Alexander Mokrov will tell you what the gevent library has under the hood and what it can be useful for. He will give architectural solutions for building an asynchronous RPC based on gevent, and talk about the problems that you may encounter when using it. In conclusion, Alexander will show how the same can be implemented using standard tools of modern Python (asyncio library), and compare these approaches. Olga Sentemova (Tinkoff Bank) and Andrei Vlasovskikh (JetBrains)

    are also preparing reports , while Andrei Stepanov will conduct a workshop on “How to Write Your Text to Speech”. Full abstracts of all reports are available on the conference website .

    I want to speak

    The program is replenished. Until June 12, we accept applications, after which we will publish the final program. If you want to speak, write to us .

    Student discount

    For students we have a special fixed price - 9000 rubles. To buy a ticket at a special price, send a student scan to, in response we will send a promotional code.

    Tell the python students about this, all of a sudden, they don’t know.


    Register here . Until June 30, a ticket costs 15 500 rubles. Then the cost rises.

    The ticket price includes: participation in two days of the conference, accommodation in a double or triple room, meals, coffee breaks, participation in after-parties, transfer from Moscow to the venue and back.

    Come to PyCon with your loved ones - they will also have something to do. The hotel has a swimming pool, fitness center, bowling, billiards, karaoke, spa and even a 5D cinema. For children there is a playground, a room with attractions and a trampoline.

    A ticket for those traveling with you costs 6,000 rubles. It includes everything that a participant’s ticket, except for visiting reports.

    Registration and details on the conference website .

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    See you at PyConRu!

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