20 free utilities and 89 scripts for monitoring and database management

You sit - the base grows, go - the base grows, sleep, eat or do a lot more, and the base grows and grows. Someone very clever said that the only thing in our life constantly is change. The main thing is to react to them correctly. Any abnormal situation with the database occurs precisely because of such changes. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to invest in an industrial monitoring system embroidered with gold and strewn with precious stones of 60 carats. And this makes us resort to free or shareware solutions. In the article, I collected 20 free utilities from IDERA (and not only), which can help to close some issues with monitoring and management of MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle. Go!


# 1 SQL Check
The utility allows you to control the performance of SQL server. It does not require installing the agent on the database server and injecting special objects directly into the database itself.

# 2 SQL Fragmentation Analyzer
The utility helps to find fragmented tables and warns when to do defragmentation.

SQL Frag v11 screenshot.png

# 3 SQL XEvent Profiler
Viewing Sessions and Executed SQL Statements . Of the additional goodies - grouping, sorting and exporting events.

Xevent Profiler Screenshot.png

# 4 SQL Heat Map
Visual representation of the use of disk space in the context of all tables in the database. It will help to manage capacities and forecast resources that may be required in the future. Quickly identifies tables and indexes that require additional disk space.

SQL heat map FT.JPG

# 5 SQL Page Viewer
Convenient viewing and management of database objects and events.

SQL page viewer screenshot.png

# 6 SQL Update Statistics
Definition of outdated statistics on tables and indexes, viewing and changing statistics options.


# 7 SQL Statistics Aggregator
Aggregation of IO statistics to identify problem tables, correlation of disk activity with execution plans.


# 8 SQL Hekaton Memory Check
Monitoring the impact of memory utilization on specific database tables.


# 9 SQL Instance Check
Data collection and database inventory, checking the relevance of installed updates on the database.

SQL Instance Check.png

# 10 SQL BI Check
Real-time monitoring for SSAS, viewing and analyzing CPU, memory and disk consumption.


# 11 SQL Query Store Optimizer
Improving the performance of the Query Store service.


# 12 MySQL Query Explorer
Monitoring the top of resource-intensive MySQL queries, viewing query performance statistics for tuning the database.


# 13 SQL Backup Status Reporter
Definition of databases that do not have a backup, viewing the history of backups.


# 14 SQL Integrity Check
Able to run CHECKDB for SQL database on demand.


# 15 SQL Job Manager
View current and past jobs.


# 16 PowerShell Plus
Special IDE for working with PowerShell scripts.


# 17 Rapid Database Extractor
Managing data sources for SQL and Oracle, manipulating database objects, executing SQL queries to extract data.


# 18 SQL Permissions Extractor
Able to generate T-SQL scripts to copy user permissions.


# 19 SQL Column Search
Search and export sensitive data (credit card numbers and other personal data).


# 20 DBATools
Migration and Administration Module for SQL Server on Powershell.


# 00 PowerShell Scripts for SQL Server
And there they are! 89 scripts for managing SQL server, scripts for analysis, integration, reporting.


Effective use!

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