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    Hello, dear Habrausers! Last week came the same day, which, fortunately, only once a year. Last time we told how it all began - since then little has changed in the history of Habr. Therefore, on this day, I just want to congratulate all of you - those who make Habr as he is. And, of course, to everyone who reads it.   Almost the whole year we were engaged in refactoring projects. As a result, much has changed, but much remains to be changed. Perhaps the most noticeable is the imperceptibly implemented redesign. We carried it out in several iterations: first we changed the main menu, then the footer, blocks, other parts of the site and sections. Just recently, the dialogues were updated. In the near future, the post page itself will be updated along with comments. How do you like the change, by the way?

    In this publication, I want to share with you relevant data and charts from our admin panel, which we have never shown before :)

    Habr height and weight

    During this year, 56.7 million unique users visited Habrahabr; Giktayms - 29.4 million 32.8 million users who visited Habr were from Russia, 8.22 million represented Ukraine and 2.21 million from Belarus. There were 21.4 million Russians at Guiktime, Ukrainians - 3.75 million, and Belarusians - 1 million. Among the countries there are almost all countries of the world, but Kazakhstan, Germany, the USA, Georgia and the countries of Eastern Europe are in the first place with these leaders. Unfortunately, there are countries from which fewer than 100 people have logged in - these are Jamaica, Tongo, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago, Liechtenstein, Curacao and Liberia.
    Both in Habré and Giktayms among the Russian regions, the leaders in visits are Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Sverdlovsk region, Novosibirsk region, Krasnodar region, Nizhny Novgorod region, Samara region, the Republic of Tatarstan and Chelyabinsk region. Although, of course, hundreds of thousands of visitors are from other subjects of the Russian Federation.
    Almost nothing changes in gender structures: on Habré guys, more girls are three times without kopecks, and on Giktayms - three times with a tail. Although the girls, in accordance with the general IT trend, have recently grown a little.

    Pulse Habr

    Below in the picture you can see the dynamics of publications. New Year holidays are clearly visible; otherwise, the pulse is steady:

    And here is the dynamics of comments:

    Dynamics of voting for publications:

    And, of course, commenting:

    If you want more numbers, we have them:

    In just a year, users posted 11309 publications, of which:

    - 5610 from companies
    - 5139 from users
    - 560 editorial posts
    - 114 in offtopic hubs

    Distribution by stream:

    - Development: 6898
    - Administration: 1603
    - Design: 348
    - Management: 1232
    - Marketing: 423
    - Miscellaneous: 804

    In the sandbox, users sent 1,641 publications, of which 1349 were rejected.

    During the year, 104,144 users joined our ranks. In total, Habr now has 779628 users, of which:

    - 83664 users have a “full” account
    - 679502 users in ReadOnly mode
    - 16462 users in Read & Comment mode

    In total, 290416 comments were written for the year, of which:

    - 255710 comments from “full” users
    - 34706 from Read & Comment users (4130 comments were rejected)

    Companies that can talk

    This year we have made new friends not only among users, but also among companies that are happy to talk about their experiences in corporate blogs: LANIT Group with cool integration stories, Sbertech with machine learning and Data Science, ESF program with fascinating stories about his platform, Avito with the secrets of the main storage of announcements, LEGO Education with smart systems for children, with stories about the back of the service, Ophthalmology Clinic Dr. Shilova with an honest history of vision correction, Lakhta Center with a builder stvom skyscrapers on the land of the St. Petersburg and many others.
    Of course, we have not forgotten about our reliable friends with whom we have been together for several years: Microsoft, JUG.RU Group, M. Video, Positive Technologies, Parallels and all-all-all.
    We did not stand aside from contests and events and helped to conduct "SAP Coder - 2017", "Promotion" and the PostgreSQL article contest. We made a cool HighLoad ++ translation and are preparing an incredibly cool translation with RIT ++. We tested several boxes of devices and several gigabytes of software. We conducted three of our own offline seminars and closely engaged in the study of technical evangelism.
    You do not know yet, but we know how many cool projects are ahead.

    To walk so walk

    This year we will celebrate Habr's birthday on June 6 and 7 at the RIT ++ conference, where we will be glad to see everyone.
    At RITA we will have:
    • Live video broadcast from Habrahabr studio from the main hall. We will communicate with experts and conduct text online;
    • A large beautiful stand of "Habrahabr" and "My Circle", where we will communicate with you and play an interesting quest;
    • Round table on technical evangelism - come to the discussion 06.06 at 15:00;
    • And also a fun party with dark lordly beer and IT music. Well, a UFO with Bumburum and a hookah (but still agree)
    In general, write yourself in the calendar: Monday June 5 and Tuesday June 6, from 10:00 . Do not forget to turn on the TV broadcast.
    Happy Birthday!

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