Very corporate post 2: opening report in Moscow

    We are sincerely grateful to everyone who participated in the opening of a new store in Moscow a month ago (November 10 and 11). It's time to take stock of this event. We are doing this right now, because by this moment we were able to put together impressions, statistics and photos (as it turned out, you can take photos from such events longer than weddings).

    Let me remind you that we carried out a thorough reconstruction of our Moscow shop at the address: ul. Ordzhonikidze, 11, p. 1A. Demolished to the ground, rebuilt, and then decided to make a magnificent discovery with gifts and discounts. Under the cut a few words about how the opening was prepared and held, as well as photos from our new store for those who wanted, but could not attend the event.

    Readers, sharply reacting to corporate content, I hasten to remind you that in more than two years we have not published denim posts in this blog. All the ads that we had appeared in paragraphs labeled as “jeans”, as well as in widgets.

    Two days instead of one

    Even before the event, we realized that the number of participants would be much larger than we expected. Online registration of participants stopped twice due to reaching a predetermined limit. I am particularly pleased that an impressive part of Moscow readers of our blog has registered and attended the event.

    Due to the clearly superior number of participants, we decided to hold it within 2 days instead of one, as originally planned. I believe that a significant role was played by discounts up to 25%, gifts - headphones, which announced for all who attend the event. In addition, at least a pleasant bonus was the buffet.

    Visitors, Brands and Program

    We were sincerely glad to see both our regular customers and new customers. Our star buyers also did not bypass the discovery. We were honored by our personal presence: TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov, actor Sergey Zhigunov, leader of the Stalker group, better known as ex-keyboard player of the Time Machine Andrei Derzhavin, and virtuoso guitarist Valery Didyulya others.

    Visitors reacted to the event with interest. The fact is that when creating a new store, we took into account the wishes of customers regarding space, placement of premises and their destination. That is why we created several showrooms, and to increase the area, we decided to make the store two-level.

    The program includes master classes from such brands as Emotiva, Music Hall, Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Dynaudio, Beyerdynamic.


    We were impressed by the results we received thanks to a thorough renovation of the store. We managed to increase attendance by one and a half times as compared with last year (according to data for November), while at the same time almost double the average check.

    In part, these figures were achieved thanks to the discoveries and discounts, as well as interest in updates that appeared after the renovation.

    It is logical that brands, which are especially actively promoting their products on this trading platform, have become sales leaders. This is a technique of Sony, Bose, Denon, Heco, Klipcsh, Jamo, Magnat, Dali and others.

    A photo

    For those who could not attend the opening, we did a small photo session.


    In our opinion, everything was possible. The first month of work convincingly proved that time and money for change was not wasted. Meanwhile, we do not intend to stop there. If you know how we can make our work even better, our stores are more convenient, and customers are more satisfied - write in the comments, we are always attentive to the opinions of readers of the blog.

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