Six free automated platforms for learning programming

    Hello community! We at Hexlet have compiled a list of five free automated online platforms for beginners.

    In Russian:

    HTML Academy
    "Academy" teaches to impose sites. The main content is in the subscription format (390 rubles per month) and intensives (from 12,500 rubles), but there are several free automated courses on the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    In HTML Academy, it’s not so much a task for pumping in programming, as for learning about the basics of web development. But this is an ideal format for those who have never written code and want to try. A large number of web developers started the way here.

    Code Basics
    This is a new free service from Hekslet. His main idea - through the solution of simple tasks right in the browser to immerse newbies in the basics of programming. Now there are lessons on PHP, JavaScript and Python, soon there will be new ones. The platform is best suited for learning the basics of syntax, and less so for leveling algorithms.

    Training is built around the alternation of small portions of the theory (3-4 paragraphs) and fixing the practice in the simulator. Each practical task has a teacher’s decision, which can be compared with its own after successful completion and a section for discussing the task.

    In English:

    A large non-profit automated platform. Learn from scratch the basics of web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At the end there are introductory blocks on React / Redux, data visualization, and even a bit on the backend.

    From the very beginning to the end it is impossible to get confused - there is only one program out of 1,400 tasks. Somewhere from the 200th task there is an interesting block with algorithmic tasks in JavaScript. Several times the training provides an independent practice in his editor.

    Organic combination of "video" and tasks in the browser: as if the teacher was sitting next to you and showed what he was doing in the editor. You have the opportunity to flip through the code and watch the teacher's cursor right during the recording.

    A large number of topics on web development: from flexboxes and Bootstrap to React, Vue and Angular. The only drawback of the platform can only be the lack of support and work on projects. But for this there are lots of other platforms.

    One of the most well-known international platforms for learning the basics of coding using different technologies: Python, SQL, Java, layout, JavaScript and others. Recently launched the first course in C ++. Everything is very nice and focused on solving simple problems.

    Codeacademy is focused on acquiring basic programming skills and is suitable for those who want to get acquainted with coding without big plans to become a professional developer. All learning takes place in the browser. In the paid version (for 20 bucks a month) there is access to quizzes, custom educational tracks and projects.

    Scodingame A
    beautifully drawn platform for learning game-based programming. You pass levels in a game, at the same time you study programming in a familiar language: Python, Java, JavaScript, C ++ / #.

    The platform offers different game scenarios, discussions with other participants, contests and 10-minute battles on multiplayer with other users.

    Write in the comments if I forgot to mention some good automated platform.

    UPD. After the publication, you sent a lot of good services and we realized that it makes sense to divide them into two blocks: 1. learning the basics of programming and 2. "problem books". We edited this post to respond to the first request. For the second - we will prepare and publish a separate post.

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