Check out, 70% ready turbojet hoverboard

    This post forced me to write zhovner Pasha and tell me why I'm building a jetpack, how it looks from the inside and at what stage is the project Jethackers .

    Why is all this necessary?

    In 2014, I learned about Yves Rossi and wrote an article on Habr . Then it seemed to me that this was possible only for warriors or a large aviation giant. Then, googling, I found that the engines sold freely on the Internet ... at the price of my annual salary. I thought about how to stir up a business / start-up / investment for a couple of years, but I never thought of it, and decided to start this February empty-handed, “maybe I’ll slip through.”

    Jetpack / hoverboard is not more difficult on the device than a motorcycle. 60s. I do not understand why it can not be bought yet and they are not collected in every garage. There are opinions that the jetpack is not needed by mankind. I want to show that the jetpack is awesome and cool, and that everyone can collect the same for themselves. And also to give backwards cool engineers and airlines that they are lazy, greedy and unromantic, they completely forgot about what they dreamed of in childhood.


    “At first, they inevitably come: thought, fantasy, fairy tale.
    They are followed by a scientific calculation,
    and, finally, the performance is crowned with thought. ”

    - Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Eduardovich

    How it works

    The most important thing is the turbojet engines. There are a dozen firms, but all who are people (and not drones) fly on the engines from JetCat. Line of 2 kg traction to 100 kg traction. The price grows exponentially. The best option price / traction is engines with a weight of 18 kg-40 kg.








    Options for implementation. Now in the world there are 4 types.


    After the summer tests on the water (satchel and board), I came to the conclusion (30 seconds was enough) that the board was simpler, cooler and better. If you fly yourself, you will understand everything. The difference is about how to ride a 3-wheeled bike and a unicycle.



    At first there was “plywood”.


    Now - aluminum from Leroy Merlin.


    On the way - titanium and carbon.

    Tank with fuel.


    The frame is a motorcycle bag, inside - a flexible aviation tank for 25 liters (I fill 2-3 liters for tests).

    Fuel system.


    One of the first versions of the layout, where you can see the “quick shot” and a connector for 6 fuel hoses.



    A motorcycle helmet, jumpsuit, gloves and a balaclava for NOMEX race car drivers, which gives +10 seconds of life if you burn.


    With the console, we control the gas more / less, the rest of the taxiing happens "body." How to snowboard. Or like on a water flyboard. Who tried it, he knows how it is.

    Rescue system

    Building a jetpack / hoverboard: rescue systems

    How to take off, how to sit down.

    A jet escapes from the turbine at a speed of 1300 km / h and a temperature of 700 degrees, so cars are not recommended to start from the floor / balcony / roof. I jumped in and assembled the launch complex from the Dzhamshutov tower, a piece of the fence and a couple of aluminum profiles. It allows you to start from 1.8-2.0 meters from the ground, there is something to hold on to and what to attach to.


    We train like this:

    Training ground A



    place where people have long been accustomed to running, burning men, explosions and fires.


    The legendary place of power of stuntmen Park Adventures of Master Panin (Thanks to Igor Panin for cooperation.)

    How much is eating, how much is rushing


    Frenchman Frankie Zapata claims that his 4-turbine unit has a capacity of 1000 horsepower. His “board” weighs 20 kg + fuel. Loading capacity is 100 kg. The speed of 140 km / h. Flight altitude is limited to 5,000 feet (controller firmware, technically you can fly up to 10 km up) and pilot's courage.


    At the same time, the supply of kerosene behind him is about 30 liters and lasts 5-6 minutes of flight. We take this figure as a basis.
    One P-180 engine consumes 0.6 liters of kerosene at full load, 6 engines, respectively, 3.6 liters of kerosene per minute.


    The P-300 engine eats 1 liter of kerosene per minute, 4 engines — 4 liters per minute.

    At a speed of 140 km / h in 5 minutes you can fly away from the center of Moscow outside the Moscow Ring Road.

    Is it even legal?

    There are such guys - aerojourists. At one of the space forums, I met Oleg from the AEROHELP Institute for Air and Space Law , he told me many interesting things.

    - You do not fall under the aircraft, because aviation is the lifting force of the wing or the force of Archimedes (balloons, stratostatos). You are more suitable for rockets.

    - And if I jump on the red square, I am considered a user of the airspace?
    - Yes.

    So there are competent lawyers in the background, and recently in China town I “got acquainted” with the police:

    - Good afternoon, young man, present the documents, what is it with you?

    - This is 20 liters of kerosene, mixed with oil, and this is a remote radio transmitter and radio. And this is a bunch of wires with a battery and a controller. Actually, this is a prototype of a hoverboard jetpack, these are engines for model airplanes, I have a workshop here in this house.

    - Young man, do not appear with such a “kit” in the center of Moscow. And this is a machine for a man to fly, right? Like in spiderman?

    - Yes, as in a man-ppauke, well, I will only be on the ground.


    At what stage is the project


    The project at the stage of "iron man captured by the Mujahideen." We cook from scrap metal, the main thing is to take off and land alive.

    According to the criteria of the prototype, to take off and prove the efficiency of the system (and not to satisfy the delicate taste of aesthetes-engineers):

    • Fuel system - 100% (designed for 6 engines)
    • Frame and mounts - 100%
    • Control system - 100%
    • Electronics and batteries - 100%
    • Starting complex - 100%
    • Fire extinguishing - 100%
    • Pilot's gear - 100%
    • Thrust / number of engines - 30% (2 engines out of 6)

    Waiting for the arrival of more two such engines from Germany:

    For now I beg money for these engines, because it is unreal to pull one 750k alone.

    On 10.12.2018 collected:

    • 35 500 rub - donates from private individuals
    • 150 000 rub - donate from IT company

    Who else wants to "jump" on board of friends / fools / family (FFF), write in a personal, to the email or fb -

    Here is the address for donates: / jetpack
    Alpha Map - 4154 8126 1072 3326

    "The goal should be an order of magnitude more complicated than all of us together, only then we need each other."


    Special thanks to Pasha Zhovner for suffering, cold, but shooting a video.


    On the vidos, before kata, there is not a full-fledged take-off, I’m helping myself with my fingers to pull up, but the thrust from the board is still palpable (35 kg), you can train.

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