About 50% of Russians are ready to sell their personal data

    According to Ipsos and the World Economic Forum, the majority of Russian citizens would like to be able to ban companies from using their personal data. However, about 50% of respondents are ready to provide personal data for a fee, as Kommersant writes .

    The survey was conducted not only in Russia, the study was international, it was attended by 18.8 thousand people 16-64 years old in 26 countries. In most cases, respondents do not trust foreign governments and media companies.

    At the same time, the level of trust in organizations of the telecommunications industry, retail, social networks and search engines is much higher. About a third of Russians trust representatives of these areas, which is quite a lot. And about the same number of Russian citizens have an idea of ​​how companies use personal data.

    An overwhelming number of respondents would like to be able to prohibit companies from working with their data. Approximately 46% do not mind providing their personal data for money. The main thing for respondents is the safety of their data, and not at all compensation for their use.

    Experts say that few people can be sure about the methods of using data. “Many companies collect data themselves and are ready to buy them on the side, primarily for marketing purposes. The price of the data depends on where it comes from, on the volume, relevance, completeness, ”explains Vladimir Ulyanov, head of the analytical center Zecurion. He adds that people do not believe about the possibility of obtaining substantial remuneration for their personal data.

    Now, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund is working on the implementation of the idea of ​​rewarding Internet users for using their data. The IIDF claims that any citizen, if the relevant amendments to the law are adopted, can earn from 15 thousand to 60 thousand rubles a year.

    It should be noted that in Russia the responsibility for the misuse of data is less than in Europe, and the fines do not exceed 75 thousand rubles. There is practically no practice in Russia to combat the illegal use of data. Last year, only 30 administrative protocols were drawn up in cases where the personal data operator could not provide secure data storage conditions, which led to unauthorized access to personal information of citizens.

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