Russian AI system for diagnosis of oncological diseases Botkin.AI. Now in the Azure Marketplace

    The solution is capable of detecting cancer at an early stage with an accuracy of up to 95% due to the analysis of medical images using artificial intelligence technologies. Placing Botkin.AI on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace platform will make the system even more accessible to a wide range of clinics around the world.

    The Botkin.AI solution, developed by Intellogic, became the world's first medical image analysis product using artificial intelligence available to developers and users on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace platform. Thanks to integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud, it will become available to a wider range of medical facilities around the world.

    “Using Microsoft Azure, one of the fastest growing cloud platforms, will significantly accelerate the promotion of the Botkin.AI platform in international markets, ensuring security and uninterrupted operation. By making Botkin.AI platform accessible to developers and organizations around the world, we are contributing to the global development of innovations in healthcare, ”commented Sergey Sorokin, CEO of Intellogic.

    Botkin.AI is a finished product that is easily integrated with the diagnostic equipment of the clinic, which can be used by radiologists to identify various pathologies, including malignant neoplasms in the early stages. Artificial intelligence is able to find pathology on medical images, providing the specialist not only with information about the detection of the tumor, but also highlighting areas that require his attention. The accuracy of the algorithm in the analysis of computed tomogram of the chest is up to 95%. Most importantly, the doctor has the opportunity to check the areas marked by the program, confirming or refuting the results of the analysis of artificial intelligence. Thus, the system is improved not only by processing a large volume of images, but also in the process of practical work with doctors. Botkin developers.

    The solution has already been successfully implemented in 4 regions of Russia, in particular, in the Novgorod region within the framework of cooperation between the Administration of the Novgorod Region and the Skolkovo Foundation. The technical capabilities of Botkin.AI allow you to organize secure image processing in compliance with strict requirements for storing medical data. The platform utilizes a distributed hybrid infrastructure with separation of data storage and processing functions and uses the Microsoft Azure platform, in particular, to access high-performance computing resources of graphics processors and flexible scaling.

    At the moment, Botkin.AI solution is successfully analyzing chest computed tomography images. In the near future, modules for the analysis of mammography and digital X-rays will also be added, which will increase the number of recognizable pathologies.

    “Democratization of innovative technologies, in particular, artificial intelligence, in such an important area as healthcare is the key goal for Microsoft in Russia and in the world. The “smart” algorithms Botkin.AI make it possible to achieve a very high level of accuracy in the diagnosis of oncological diseases in the early stages, and therefore allow to prevent the disease or improve the effectiveness of treatment. Placing the platform in the cloud Microsoft Azure is an excellent example of how the wide availability of modern technologies contributes to solving the most important tasks of society and the world, ”commented Alexander Danilin, head of strategic projects at the Department of Government Relations of Microsoft in Russia.

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