Grant Proposal Course: How to Find the Right Words to Attract Attention and Money to Your Development

    We already talked about the specialization “English for Research Publication Purposes” , which started last fall , which helps not only to develop academic writing skills in English, but also examines and helps to work out quite practical cases in detail.

    The third Grant proposal specialization is , in a sense, special. This course is a guide to creating a grant application so that reviewers can appreciate the value of your work. Simply put, in this course you will learn how to get money for your development or, at least, interest a potential investor.

    First module of the courseis devoted to how to formulate the rationale for the study and create its model in a clear and concise form. You will learn how to find and choose a sponsor, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of you and your organization, formulate a grant request, while maintaining the realism and elegance of the wording.

    In the second module, you will learn how to use tools that help organize the project in the most effective way. Lectures contain basic information about project planning and team management. Another important skill that you will gain is to calculate and justify the costs of the project. You can also demonstrate the information in numbers and graphs, which is a valuable feature of any application or business plan.

    Materials of the third modulehelp you develop and structure sections of your application, select headings and prepare a project summary. You will also learn how to make your story compelling and attractive. An important skill that you will gain is to prepare a brief oral presentation of your project in case sponsors want to meet with you.

    The fourth, last module of the course will teach you how to respond to victories and defeats. You need to understand that reviews are different. We will tell you how to evaluate your grant application before submission and how to respond after reviewers' reviews. You will also learn how to correct your offer for resubmission in the event of failure, as well as how to act in case of victory.

    Course author - Sosedova Varvara, candidate of philological sciences, specialist in the field of economics. Her professional interests include cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, English for special purposes (ESP) and English for academic purposes (EAP). Since 2009, Varvara has been working as an English teacher at MGIMO at the Faculty of International Relations. The pedagogical experience, professional interests and developments allowed her to become a unique expert in the field of creating presentations, filling out applications for grants and requests for financing at the international level both in the scientific and in the business environment.

    Course Consultant and Specialization Manager - Elena Bazanova,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the editorial board of the scientific and practical journal "Scientific Editor and Publisher", member of the International Association of Writing Centers, member of the Governing Council of the Consortium of Russian Writing Centers, director of the Center for Language Training and Testing MIPT. He has extensive practical experience in advising on the creation of grant applications, translations and presentations for both the scientific and business communities.

    Of course, a lot depends on the idea that you present, on an invention or development, on charisma - this is not to teach everything. But to learn to speak and write so that they want to invest in your brainchild, you simply must!

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