Former vice president of Sun and DEC became president of MIPS / Wave, talks about Russia and RISC / V

    15 minutes ago, Art Swift became president of MIPS, before that he was vice chairman of the marketing committee of RISC-V, vice president of Sun, DEC, Cirrus Logic, president of Transmet. I was the first to take a video interview with him in his new role, and his first words were about Russia. Art said he was familiar with Baikal Electronics, ELVIS-NeoTech. NIISI, MCST and Babayan group, met with Russian RISC-V companies Syntacore and CloudBear. Here is a video - it ended at the end, as I ran out of battery:

    And here is the official press release and an excerpt from Art Swift's biography:

    But the official press release that just came out - of-its-Recently-Acquired-

    MIPS-Licensing-Business.html and passages from the biography Art Swift on LinkedIn:

    RISC-V Foundation
    Vice Chair, RISC-V Committee Marketing

    MIPS Technologies
    VP Marketing and Development Business

    President is and CEO of

    Chief Officer the Operating

    the Cirrus Logic
    Vice President is and of General Manager

    of Sun Microsystems
    the VP Marketing

    the Digital Equipment
    the VP Marketing and the Sales

    Fairchild Semiconductor
    Product Engineer, Product Marketing Engineer, Product Planning Manager

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