Mitap on DevOps in St. Petersburg

    Hi Habr!

    Welcome to the DevOps meeting. This time we decided to leave the traditional format of the mitap in the lecture hall and we are going to the bar on Nevsky. Actually, it is difficult to call it a mitap - rather, it's a DevOps party, where guests can not only listen to speakers, but also test their knowledge on quiz, have fun in the photo zone and, in principle, have a good Friday evening at the end of 2018.
    Reports will also be interesting. Under the cut about the program and speakers.


    • Alexey Podchyachev (Sbertech) will devote his speech to the architecture of perhaps the most important thing when launching a product - the quality assurance process and testing.
    • Dmitry Markelov (Sbertech) and Artem Sokovets (Sbertech) will tell you how they had to run Selenium tests using Moon and OpenShift and what they did.
    • The Tsimzhitov racer (Itiviti) will share stories while building development processes on the Atlassian ecosystem, where most of it will be given to crutches and gags.
    • Yaroslav Astafyev (Sbertech) will explain why it is important to test applications, what are common myths in testing, and how to make your build very long due to tests using snapshots, screenshots, dependencies, auditing, banking and much more

    Register , come, chat, relax!

    Our DevOps-party will be held at 18:30 in the Paulaner restaurant on Nevsky!

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