Rent dedicated servers in Russia

    Hello, Habrovsk citizens! Honestly, we did not think that after the first post, our small stock of dedicated servers would be taken apart literally in a matter of hours. Thank you for your trust! We hope you enjoy the quality of the channel and iron. Now we have prepared new equipment, and for it a New Year's gift - 1 Gbit for free.

    Position in the data center market

    Now a lot of hosting companies provide dedicated servers for rent. For some, the parameters are steep, and the price is too high, for others - on the contrary, cheap, but the filling is not enough for anything. To find the server ideally suited for the task, you need to spend more than one hour on sites with advertising information in order to understand what and where to take it. However, few write about the selection criteria - mainly the reasons why you need to choose this particular service provider.

    We are already accustomed to the fact that we often have to outsource projects, because they will do better abroad, no matter what. Especially, for example, in Germany. But there is a minus - servers that are far away - they are far away and nothing can be done with it. If you rent local Russian servers, for example, in Kontel, you can come to the territory of the data center and work directly with the physical server. You can’t touch what is in Germany, but in Russia you can come to your ISP office and ask for a tour of the data center. If the company has high-priority customer relations, they will not refuse you.

    How to choose

    The first thing you need to pay attention to is the number of visitors planned on the resource. The reality is that different engines and sites can have the same hosting resources and withstand a different number of users. The average value for a typical corporate dedicated server in Russia is from 2,000 to 300,000 people. Without deep performance optimization. For more traffic, get ready to install several dedicated servers.

    • It is also important to use all the services included in the contract: the more 'bonuses', the higher the price. However, not all of the proposed may be needed in reality.
    • Check if server capacity scaling is possible in the future. This may be more convenient than buying a new configuration.
    • The platform is important. Desktop components are less reliable, but cost less. In addition, Western companies often limit the choice of OS for the client server.

    If we compare server rental services from Western companies and Russian companies, then this can be called among the first important factors:

    • The inconvenience of renting dedicated servers abroad is that it is impossible to use fiscal accounting. When concluding an agreement between a Russian and a foreign company, you can imagine bureaucratic delays yourself.

    • Another advantage of a dedicated server in Russia is the relatively short response time compared to foreign ones. Ping, simply put, ours is faster.

    The importance of quick ping in leasing dedicated servers

    Page response speed is one of the main criteria for any user. If it does not suit the client of the online store or the network “tank player”, then the number of customers will be much less. So, if the users of your service are in Russia, then a dedicated server in Moscow will provide a shorter ping than any other server located to the west of Moscow.

    • Our dedicated servers are assembled from new components. Breakdowns are extremely rare. In this case, failed disks, for example, are replaced within half an hour. In Western companies, the equipment may be old, and some may provide virtual servers under the guise of dedicated and take inadequate payment, respectively.

    • Technical support specialists speak your native language - Russian. This facilitates mutual understanding in resolving work issues. If you wish, you can come to the data center and work independently with your server.

    • There are no hidden or installation fees in Kontel. Value creation is a transparent process. Additional services are included in the package and a one-time amount is paid for them. Sometimes in the process of renting servers from Western companies, a situation similar to servicing cards in a not very customer-oriented bank occurs: when an exorbitant fee is charged for connecting minimally important services.

    • It happens that for any complaint such as abuse, you will cease to provide services. We give time for elimination and are always open for negotiations.

    Our specialist answers

    How often do hardware issues occur in a company? How fast are they resolved?

    Force majeure does happen, but in terms of equipment failure, this memory was only 1 time in the current year. We deal with the solution as it arrives, if the problem is massive - for example, failure of network equipment, troubleshooting, respectively, to be carried out as soon as possible.

    What happens if the payment is not received on time?

    For each service, different renewal periods. For a VPS server, payment must be received no later than 3 days from the end of the paid term. Dedicated servers: up to 7 days from the end of the paid term (unless otherwise agreed upon). After the paid period has passed, and the payment is delayed for 3-7 days, the service is deleted without the possibility of restoration.

    Is there a server cloning or backup?

    For VPS servers, backups are not performed in order to reduce the cost of the service. But for the services administered by VPS , on older tariff plans, we offer a free IPSmanager control panel, with the ability to configure backup to third-party FTP, such as Yandex.Disk, DropBox. This allows you to back up not only site files, databases, and other things, but also settings for all control panel parameters, EMAIL settings (SPF, DKIM and others), site settings, and domains, users, etc. For the Dedicated Servers service, we offer free 100GB storage with FTP / sFTP access and expandability.

    Is there a local area network between vpc and dedicated servers?

    The ability to create a local network between servers is, but only for dedicated servers.

    How does a customer support system with dedicated servers work? What features?

    Support is provided both by phone and by ticket system - billing panels. In case of emergency contact, support can be provided directly through the data center employees, by phone number.

    How is data disposed of after a client fails from a server?

    For the VPS server , the virtual disk is completely deleted (without recovery). For a dedicated server immediately after the end of the paid period, and late payment for a period of more than 7 days, formatting disks, and installing a clean OS.

    What about data security on servers?

    We are constantly working on this. In the near future - to install webcams with the ability to view video in real time for each client through a personal account.

    It’s calm with us

    Dedicated servers of the company Contel are located in their own data center, which is located a kilometer from the main traffic exchange point in Russia. So we guarantee the stability of communication, the constancy of electrical power and redundancy of communication lines. Before issuing the server to the client, we check it by our own specialists and, after that, you can test the server yourself in our territory.

    Monitoring of dedicated servers does not stop even for a minute. It is also necessary to quickly resolve emerging issues and problems. Access to the Internet was carried out through its own communication channels and lines of any third-party operators that are present at MMTS-9. The total capacity of the lines of each dedicated server is 1 Gbit / s, for especially demanding projects we can provide a dedicated honest provider gigabit without any traffic restrictions.

    Perhaps it’s also old-fashioned to trust what you can “touch” and see with your own eyes, but you can be absolutely sure. It’s important to at least have the opportunity to come, you can not use it, but still. It’s calmer and more familiar, isn't it?

    We can invite everyone to the data center for an excursion for everyone; the only moment you need to pre-arrange a visit. If suddenly after the order you are not satisfied with the quality, then within 2 weeks we guarantee an instant refund without any conditions.

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