Created the first modular vinyl player printed on a 3D printer; a DIY kit is planned to be mass-produced.

    The Dutch manufacturer of 3D printers RepRapUniverse and the Swiss company Lenco, which creates the players, decided to please the archaic fans with another electrophone. Unlike other companies, duplicating devices from the good old 70s - 80s, the tandem of manufacturers intends to launch a DIY set in the series. It will allow everyone to assemble the Lenco-MD turntable with their own hands, after having printed most of the parts on a 3D printer.

    A working prototype of the player was presented at the IFA 2018 Consumer Electronics Faire in Berlin. To support the project and, probably, to study global demand, a kickstarter campaign was launched . Under the cut, a few words about what the self-printing and assembly electrophone promises to be and what they have already implemented in the prototype.

    What was shown in Berlin?

    The Lenco-MD prototype, shown in IFA 2018, is a turntable made from a set of accessories, as well as parts printed on a 3D printer and equipped with a tonearm. Due to the fact that the modules for the microphone are being developed, it was shown in the standard wired version.

    The player is equipped with a belt drive, which, according to the manufacturers, ensures uniform movement, with an original design with the AT3600 cartridge from Audio-Technica.

    The table is installed on special damping legs.

    In the prototype's basic configuration, there is also a built-in preamplifier (phono equalizer) with headphone output and RCA.

    When demonstrating the project in Berlin, representatives of manufacturers noted that this was a “green” project. The main design details of the player are made of PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic that does not harm the environment. For food it is planned to use renewable energy sources.

    All components used in Lenco-MD have already been tested with the Lenco L-85 serial player. The latter is popular as a reliable and stable device.

    The 3D printer on which the prototype and the player were printed, which served as the basis for the development. The

    Lenco-MD assembly deserves a special mention. According to the developers, it only takes a few minutes.

    accelerated assembly process

    Wireless solar player

    Lenco-MD promises to be the first player in the world that can literally be printed at home and assembled using several additional parts supplied in the kit (engine, belt, pickup head, etc.). The device assumes quick replacement of modules and the possibility of customizing the design.

    Now it is planned to implement a module with a small amplifier and speakers, a Bluetooth module, a module with a solar battery. Each of them will be sold separately.

    It will be possible to change almost everything in the player (toners, cartridge, phono stage, etc.).

    Manufacturers reasonably reasoned that not everyone wants to have 3D printers or the size of a home 3D printer does not match the size of the parts. There is a way out of this situation - to buy a partially or fully printed set of parts. There are several options for basic kits, for those who have a small 3D printer - partial and for those who do not have it at all - full.

    Moreover, those who wish to assemble Lenco-MD are offered to buy ready-made spare parts for small-scale screwdriver assembly. With a great desire and enough demand, you can turn a hobby into a business. Lenco's flexible policy offers electronics manufacturers to create modules for the player, effectively opening up opportunities for expanding functionality.

    As a conclusion

    The relatively recently launched campaign on the kickstarter has already collected more than half of the required $ 56,000 in this niche project. This may indicate that the idea is in demand and the development is likely to be promising. The creators of Lenco-MD hope that the idea will become a trend, and the set of “skilled vinyl player” DIY players will be in great demand. Given the ongoing demand for vinyl players, the growth in demand for DIY products, the popularity of 3D printing and environmentally friendly technologies, there is a chance that their idea will really shoot. I will traditionally appreciate your opinions about the project in the comments. Write down if this project can take off and why.

    We sell vinyl players, while we do not have Lenco in the assortment, but it is possible that they will appear with a lively interest in the model described in the article.

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    Will the project take off?

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