On the M.Video website, accidentally opened information on a smartphone from Yandex several days before the presentation.

    On the website of the M.Video online store, photos and descriptions of the first smartphone from Yandex appeared, which should be officially submitted only after a few days - December 5th.

    Updated information for the current time and added a poll.
    In July, Yandex received permission for the importation of a Yandex.phone smartphone of the Yandex trademark, model YNDX-000SB into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union; it is valid until June 25, 2023. The manufacturer of the goods is registered in Switzerland Yandex Services AG. The same Swiss company is the manufacturer of the “smart speaker” Yandex.Station, the sales of which began in Russia on July 10th.

    It was rumored that the phone will be presented at the Yandex conference on November 19, but this did not happen.

    In late November, Yandex invited journalists to a new event of their own, which will be held on December 5th.

    Right in the invitation, the company does not indicate which novelty will be presented, but if you look closely at the invitation picture, it is clear that this is a smartphone:

    The page with Yandex.Telephone is currently unavailable.

    → Link to cache with this page

    Device characteristics:

    • Android 8.1 Oreo, the Google Assistant call icon has been replaced by Alice;
    • 8-core Snapdragon 630 processor;
    • 4 GB of RAM;
    • 64-gigabyte drive;
    • NFC module for contactless payments;
    • SmartCharge support;
    • 5.65-inch display with a resolution of Full HD + (2160x1080px), narrow frames and an aspect ratio of 18: 9;
    • 16 + 5 megapixel main dual camera and 5 megapixel front camera;
    • 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C port;
    • battery 3060 mAh;
    • a hybrid slot that can be used for two SIM cards or one SIM card and a memory card of up to 128 gigabytes;
    • rear plastic cover, fingerprint scanner, dual camera and Yandex logo.

    How now will get out in Yandex or it was a planned leak?

    Information about a smartphone also appeared in Eldorado, but everything was removed there faster :

    → Link to pdf-instruction

    → Link to certificate of conformity

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