JetBrains Night in Moscow. Video. How CLion deals with the complexities of C ++

    A mini-conference of JetBrains Night was held on September 29 in Moscow: for 7 hours, developers from JetBrains told developers from other companies what the company was doing, why, and what would be done next, and then they answered questions, discussed common problems and generally shared their experiences ( i.e., they listened to developers from other companies telling them what they are doing and why it is convenient or not very convenient for them to do this using what JetBrains does).

    On Habré we gradually publish a video of all reports, so that in the comments we can discuss what we did not have time to discuss at JetBrains Night, especially with those who could not come in person.

    Summary of previous episodes:

    » Dmitry Zhemerov about the Kotlin language ;
    "Maxim Mazin and Valeria Andrianova on the integration of server products and the use of new Agile boards ;
    » Sergey Pak. First steps with TeamCity DSL .

    Today we publish a video where Dmitry Kozhevnikov talks about how CLion deals
    with the complexities of the C ++ language (and what tasks CLion, in fact, solves well).

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