Matreshka, or integrate Vivaldi into Vivaldi


    Hello! For many of us, the Vivaldi browser has become the main application that runs all day without interruption. This is understandable: today almost all activity on a computer is somehow connected to the Internet, and here the browser is simply irreplaceable. But in addition to the browser, we also offer you the portal, where all members of the Vivaldi browser community can chat, read news, get fresh test builds and do many other important things. In other words, you visit the portal daily, so the logical question arises: is it possible to integrate these features of into the Vivaldi browser itself? In short, the answer is yes, of course it is. And below you will learn a little more about how to do this.


    Perhaps the most popular section of our portal is the forum. Recently it was updated, it became more convenient and faster, and also got a mobile version, which is very useful for our today's task. So, open the forum page in the Vivaldi browser (you can select another page):русский

    And then create the web panel of this page (use the plus button on the side panel). And ... that's it. We get the forum in a mobile form, which is always at hand:


    You can set a convenient size for the width of the panel and fix it for this web panel (the “Custom Width” option in the web panel context menu). Now the forum will always be just a click away. Conveniently.

    Official blog

    Next is the official blog. Articles in Russian are published quite regularly; you can also put this page in the sidebar in a known manner. To do this, use the following link:

    Save the panel, set its width and get a constantly updated list of official announcements of test and stable assemblies, as well as useful articles in Russian at the click of a button:


    By the way, the same way you can post in the sidebar the English-language official blog of developers - there you can not only read the announcements of new versions, but also articles on other topics prepared by Vivaldi Technologies employees:


    Vivaldi Mail

    One of the most popular requests from users is to add a built-in email client to the Vivaldi browser. We have been working on this almost from the first day of development, but are not yet ready to show the results - we want to bring the new mailer to a decent look, and only then introduce it to you. But as a temporary solution, you can embed the Vivaldi Mail mail service in your browser, which is available on our portal and is available free of charge for each user. It is simple and unpretentious, but it is quite suitable for the most basic postal needs.

    So, open the mailer:

    And add it as a web panel. We get the desired result:



    Moreover, this mail service also has a mobile version, which is automatically selected for the web panel. As a result, it’s convenient to work with the mailer, receive and send letters:


    Ignoring the paranoid nature of the above images, we turn to an equally important topic:

    Error reporting form

    Many of us not only use the browser, but also help developers make it better. And that means sending error messages. In order not to keep in mind the link to the online form of bug reports:

    you can put it in the form of a web panel directly in the browser - then it will be at hand at any time as soon as you find an error and decide to tell the developers about it:


    That's all for today. We hope that our tips will make your work on the network a little more comfortable, as well as help you discover many new features of this convenient Vivaldi browser.

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