Shine? Camera? OSMO! DJI introduced the smallest OSMO Pocket Steadic

    DJI continues to surprise and delight with its developments. Half a month ago, they perfectly fueled interest in themselves and their products, sending an invitation to the leading hi-tech publications to the presentation on November 28. The announcement indicated only the time and place of the event, as well as an image with the slogan Because Life is Big! Analysts and journalists began to speculate on what product should be expected at the end of the month. But, due to various leaks, over time, it became clear that the Good Morning America studio is not going to talk about the next generation of Phantom kopter. A new product has become a portable, rather even a pocket model from the OSMO line.

    OSMO Pocket is a handheld stabilization system with a built-in camera that combines portability and the ability to shoot smooth cinema-quality video, as well as super-precise photos. Today we will describe in detail all its functions and capabilities.

    Housing and equipment

    The case of the device is its main feature. Compact size allows you to take it anywhere. You can even not part with it, carrying a jacket or shirt in your pocket, and be ready to take pictures for social networks at any time. The main thing - do not forget to charge the battery from time to time. The gadget is made of matte plastic, which does not slip in the palm of your hand, and the size and location of the navigation elements allow you to control it with one hand.

    On the left side of OSMO Pocket carried the slot for microSD memory card. The device supports high-speed UHS-I Speed ​​Grade 3 cards with a maximum capacity of 256 GB.

    On the front side there is a key to start recording or shutter release, a power / function key, a touch screen responsible for controlling the stabilizer, a microphone hole (with noise reduction), an LED indicator and a universal port covered with a cap.

    The USB-C port for charging, as well as the second microphone (with noise cancellation) are located on the bottom of the device.

    Together with OSMO Pocket comes a special carrying case, a USB-C cable for charging and two adapters for a universal port: for smartphones with a USB-C connector and with a Lightning-connector for iPhone.


    The OSMO Pocket 12-megapixel camera module with 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS-matrix, viewing angle of 80 ° and f / 2.0 aperture value is set to a new accurate three-axis mechanical suspension, created according to the principle of stabilization technology in Mavic 2. Smooth videos and Clear photos taken during fast motion are his merit. The camera is somewhat similar to the Mavic 2 Zoom module, with the exception that there is no optical zoom. But for the rest, the photo capabilities of the portable stedicam are not much inferior to the folding copter. Moreover, OSMO Pocket can shoot 4K video at 60 fps, which is inaccessible to both Mavic 2 models. Also, the Steadicum is supported by a wide range of ISO (from 100 to 3200) and shutter speeds from 8 to 1/8000 seconds.

    In Pro mode, you can manually adjust the aperture and shutter speed, activate the mode of shooting in RAW format and record video in D-Cinelike mode. There are a large number of different filters that the user can apply during shooting.

    For the movement of the suspension and the camera is responsible for the touch screen. The control is based on a simple swipe system — just swipe your finger across the display in the right direction so that the camera responds instantly.

    Intellectual functions

    If you already have a quadcopter (model Inspire 2 / Phantom 4 and older, Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic 2, and so on) and smartphones for your smartphone (OSMO Mobile or OSMO Mobile 2) and you plan to soon purchase an OSMO Pocket , we advise you to free up some memory on your mobile device, since many functions of the gadget are revealed using the DJI Mimo application. We hope that the company will unify its software products and only need DJI GO 4 to manage DJI products.

    To synchronize steadic with a smartphone, you need to install a corresponding adapter in the universal port and connect a mobile device. But you can work with the gadget without an additional device: the built-in screen is not utilitarian, but makes OSMO Pocket completely autonomous. With it, you can select various intelligent shooting modes, camera operation and gimbal function. Also on the screen during shooting displays information about the remaining amount of battery charge, recording time, the quality of the recorded video and so on. For other settings, you will need a smartphone or tablet. In DJI Mimo, as we said above, there is a large number of filters. Also in the appendix are detailed camera settings, various profiles of suspension responsiveness, reaction, smooth operation and calibration.

    In OSMO Pocket, there are long-known shooting modes (interval, serial, long exposure, timer shooting), as well as several new ones.

    In panorama mode, it is enough to choose a suitable composition and start shooting - everything else OSMO Pocket will do in automatic mode: take several frames and stick them together into one big photo. You can choose from a 180 degree view and 3x3 panorama. Thanks to the mechanical stabilization and the new suspension system, this can be done even with the device in hand. And they can shake quite strongly - not important, from fear or excitement.

    FPV-mode allows you to shoot video with the effect of first-person.

    And no new DJI device can do without ActiveTrack. With it, it is very easy to shoot moving objects - the system will not let them out of the frame. A new feature is available FaceTrack. She automatically recognizes the face of the owner of the device and help keep track of it during shooting.

    And in the Story Mode mode, the user has access to many settings for creating professional-level video from footage. Ready-made templates allow you to edit short videos, add special camera movements, music, filters and other functions.

    Autonomous work and additional accessories

    The company's engineers installed an 875 mAh battery with a voltage of 7.7 V in a miniature OSMO Pocket case. It is enough to capture 140 minutes of 1080p video at 30 frames per second. With a suitable memory card, you can record a whole movie! And you can shoot videos in almost any conditions: even under water at a depth of 60 meters! To do this, use an additional waterproof case. Finally, we have a DJI device that fits perfectly into the line of action cameras.

    In addition, the company said that additional accessories will be released for OSMO Pocket, some of which are connected via a universal port or USB-C connector. Among them are a mechanical suspension adjuster, a battery case, a module for wirelessly connecting to a mobile device, an adapter of 3.5 mm external microphone, a monopod with a mount for a smartphone, and so on. We hope to see soon how all this will work in practice.

    Target audience and price

    It is not difficult to guess who they were betting on at DJI, releasing OSMO Pocket. First of all, they are vlogyers who regularly shoot video content for YouTube, Instagram and other social networks on a commercial basis. There is a percentage of those who will use the device solely for personal purposes in order to diversify their photos and video archive, taking pictures during their travels, as well as photographers recording videos about their work. Compact size and quite long operating time are perfectly suited for this purpose.

    But OSMO Pocket has one controversial point - this is the price. In Russia, about 28,690 rubles will be asked for the device, which will immediately scare away a certain audience, for example, those who are engaged in photo and video shooting at a non-professional level. But in the environment of bloggers device will enjoy deserved success. In fact, OSMO Pocket is a pocket version of OSMO X3, which costs about 40% more on official sites, and noticeably loses in functionality to the new product.

    But let's be frank: OSMO Pocket is worth its money. Today you can hardly find a model of this size, which immediately combines the highest level of mechanical stabilization and quality of shooting, functionality, as well as unsurpassed technical equipment.

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