Moscow part of the TADHack hackathon: tomorrow

    The last week of preparation for any major event is very, very painful. Bags of extension cords from Auchan, a harsh admin with WiFi for 200 people, bulk order of pizzas, a video message from Shuttleworth and many other organizational issues. But, as Illidan said, - now we are ready! Registration is still open and I will be very glad to see you at this first hackathon in Russia, which will be held simultaneously in dozens of cities around the world. TADHack will bring together more than 2'000 developers, there will be a video broadcast between the sites, a sea of ​​fun, Papa John's pizza and cool prizes. Join now!

    The idea to bring TADHack to Moscow visited us last year, when we sponsored the mini TADHack in Paris . The party then came out colorful:

    TADHack, which is curious, was created not by an event agency with the goal of making money, but by an expert from the telecom industry , who for many years has been working with the most advanced technologies at the junction of telecom, web and mobile development. Alan gives the impression of an IT Santa Claus: a large gray beard, the same “ho-ho-ho”, a laptop with ubuntu and a scattering of custom sims. He’s a very charismatic comrade and a good organizer: for several years he made TADHack alone, attracts more sponsors every year, covers the press and really helps developers use the latest achievements in realtime communications.

    The highlight of the hackathon: it conditionally starts simultaneously in several dozen countries with cross-translation between sites! Now the site has been dismantled, but by tomorrow morning two plasmas will be broadcast by colleagues from London and Berlin, and developers from other countries will be able to watch us drink vodka and turn ideas into working prototypes in 24 hours.

    The distribution of prizes is also curious. On Sunday, when the teams begin to perform from the stage and show their creations, I will simultaneously translate this into English. And everything will be recorded in the general table of all performances. When the guys finish speaking, our jury will distribute local prizes from Voximplant, NUMA, MSU Business Incubator. And we will go home.

    Then the fun begins. When the performances of all teams around the world are over, the organizers will take the table, stock up on Red Bull and watch the performances of teams from all over the world that have announced their nomination all night. We have a prize pool, and we will distribute it among the teams. On Monday, slept participants in the hackathon will open and see a list of winners in all countries! The money has already been collected from Alan, and will be transferred to the winners by bank transfer.

    This year 9 companies invested in the prize fund, including us. The list of APIs provided can be found here.. Despite the fact that the name of the hackathon translates as "Telecom Application Development Hackathon", guests can create any application. Using the API of one or several sponsors increases the chances of receiving a cash prize from them, but the local jury can hand it over at their discretion: for an interesting idea, implementation, performance.

    Waiting for a visit . Till tomorrow!

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