December 11, Moscow - Alfa JS MeetUp

    On Tuesday, December 11, we are holding a regular meeting. This time our meeting will be devoted to JavaScript development.

    We start at 19:00, geographically - Bolshaya Polyanka, 2/10, p.1 (Corporate Innovations Hub)

    As usual, admission is free (but you must register in advance ).

    Under the cut - the topics of reports from our four speakers.

    Sergey Sokolov - Testing react-redux applications

    We write tests so that they remain understandable, do not fall apart from refactoring and cover more in less time.

    Anatoly Plakhotnikov - Formik - “alternative” redux-form

    Is it true that Formik is an alternative to the redux-form? In addition, Anatoly will share his experience in creating applications with a variety of forms.

    Andrey Tsvetkov - End-to-end typing on the client and server

    Our experience in integrating frontend and backend through TypeScript and generating a tie layer.

    Artyom Harutyunyan - A brief review of the lost chapters of the frontend manual.

    Let us examine common errors in the application architecture and basic concepts that affect the speed of development and the cost of support.

    Broadcast will be available on the event page.

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