Want strange: a review of the upcoming conference DartUP in St. Petersburg

    December 1 in St. Petersburg will host a conference on the language of Dart , as well as the entire ecosystem and the products that surround it: AngularDart and Flutter. About why it is worth going to her, what can be found there and whom to meet, you can learn from this article. By the way, everyone who reads to the end will receive a guaranteed prize with free delivery directly to the house.

    December 1, Peter, "Weavers"

    About the conference

    So, in order. As you already understood, on December 1, a conference will be held in “Weavers” , absolutely free, you just need to register. Registration is needed not to send out tons of spam, but in order for us to understand how many chairs to put and to order coffee. Well, in general, the room is not rubber, so, in order not to huddle like fish in a barrel, we entered the registration.

    You can register and read all the information on the site https://dartup.ru/ , and now we will tell you why we started all this.

    Mitapas on Dart we have been spending the third year, but for the first time on a large scale. In that year, we organized a Dart-mitap in the “Golitsyn Loft” - in one of the most hipster places in St. Petersburg, and even then it became clear that demand exceeds supply - that’s where the participants really pressed on the walls. This year we took into account all the mistakes, and now the hall will be ten times more spacious than it was, the equipment will be one hundred (hopefully) better, and the speakers six or more times. This can be called a conference without a twinge of conscience: a full day, two halls, a party, and even a lunch break. Have you seen dinner mitzapes? Me not. And even there will be a workshop inside the conference! * xzibit.jpg *

    What is it all about?

    “Why, who needs it, Dart is dead,” and other interesting questions. It is necessary for Dart enthusiasts (whom I personally am), the Dart community, as well as all developers. After all, the more pluralism, the brighter society we will build. But I always say: "we", and who are "we"? We are the guys from Wrike, it just so happens that we are organizing all this movement, and at the conference there will be many people from Wrike in T-shirts “ask me about Dart, Flutter”. At the same time, it is clear that there may be opinions like “aah, well, well, the hunt will be ...”. And no. If this happens suddenly and you will be shamelessly shamelessly - immediately call OMON! Well, they can, of course, a little bit, which is already there, but the task of the conference is not at all that. So who is she for?
    Understandably, the conference will be of interest to those who write on Dart and Flutter (this topic is now on the HYPE). However, the rest of the developers (web, for example) will find something to listen to. If you have never seen a single line of Dart code - do not worry! Reports can open for you a new brave world, and there will be no mega-hardcore. In addition, according to good tradition, we brew our own Wrike & Dart beer, so that everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Regarding the same question: “is Dart alive?” - come, find out there :-)


    What about the program? In general, it is very nice that this year we managed to gather so many speakers who are not related to Wrike, who somehow use the language every day. Who are they?

    Zviad kardava- DevRel (developer relations), working in Google and patronizing Russia and neighboring countries. The figure is significant, what can I say. Some people are skeptical of maidens, lawyers and similar positions, but do not think that Zviad is a talking head. Well, that is, he, of course, has a head, and even a speaker, but he has a huge development experience behind him, because before that he was a Google Developer Expert, and he wrote on everything from C ++ to ... Dart. Zviad will talk about Flutter: on the one hand, it will be a general overview, interesting for those who did not have time to try this wonderful framework, and on the other hand, he promised to touch upon deep-seated issues, such as rendering, which (hopefully) can surprise experienced people. In addition, who does not like Google to know all the insiders.

    Thomas burkhart- An independent developer from Germany, who has devoted many years of mobile development. In particular, he did a lot in the well-known Xamarin project, so he knows a lot about cross-platform development. He also runs a blog . Thomas chose a difficult topic, it is not clear why breaking many minds: the streams and the RX library. Although it would seem that difficult in the streams, we all use them every day. Take at least the water pipes, which are also arranged: what fell at one end - will come up from the other. However, as elsewhere, there is a nuance ... This is what Thomas will tell you about how not to break his head and understand this abundance of methods.

    Dmitry Makhnev- Developer in Odnoklassniki, deals with the mobile version of one of the largest social networks in the world. Once upon a time we met Dima at one of the conferences where I spoke on the subject of Dart. Apparently, the acquaintance was contagious, because since then Dima fell ill with his beauty (not in the sense of himself becoming handsome, he was already nothing, but hooked on the idea of ​​a strictly typed language), and since he himself says, “drowns for him with might and main. " The topic is: how the Darth type system helps developers, reduces their code and in general, heals and heals (after JS, then). The report is not about mobile development, but rather with a bias in the web, but it will be interesting to everyone. Moreover, Dima is a member of the program committee of HolyJS, so he knows how to train speakers for good performances.

    Alexey Zolotykh- frontend developer in wrike. Alexey is engaged in super-interesting things in the company: he picks up the intestines of the collectors so that they become faster and better. Therefore, he already knows how the Dartcode is going, before getting to your browser. However, when you see Alexei, you will definitely have no doubt that he understands himself in the guts. In addition, Lyosha is a permanent speaker, a member of the program committee of the largest conference on the front end, so his reports are always fun. Having saddled his favorite topic, Aleksey will tell how all the same it turns out that we write to Dart, and Chrome shows us JS? How does this whole machine, and what's spinning under the hood - it is better not to miss.

    Alexey Danilevsky- Head of the development team of AFS, which writes its entire digital service entirely on Dart. In general, everything, and backend and frontend and mobile applications. At the same time for them it was quite a conscious decision that helped the company to develop and use the stack to its fullest. The report will reveal the reasons for this choice, as well as the various architectural approaches that they use in their practice every day. So Alexei will be able to answer the question for sure: who is alive and who is not.

    Maxim Grebenshchikov - frontend teamlead, Wrike. Like a year ago, Maxim will delight us with puzzlers. Well, who does not like good morning puzzlers? And although the report will be closer in the evening, it will not affect their quality. By the way, if you suddenly do not know what this word is “puzzler” - just come.

    Michael Fairhurst - developer Google, working on the AngularDart team. Here with nakhodochka left. In general, he had to talk about such a bomb theme as “Future <void> vs Future <Null>”, which seems quite simple at first glance (and completely incomprehensible to those who did not work with Dart), but we had a failure: Mike did not managed to get a visa :-(. This happens, but we came up with a way out: the bombing theme remains, Mike remains, we also do not go anywhere, but it will be broadcast from overseas. To do this, in a hurry, the 100MB line was thrown , to "Weavers") and, we hope everything will be fine. So we can still understand how the Future works in Darth, that It will be interesting for everyone, since they are everywhere! For questions to the speaker, remember English words, in a week you can pull up vocabulary.

    Alexander Denisov - senior software engineer, EPAM. Alexander is a regular participant of GDG, DevSummit, organizer of GDG Nizhny Novgorod, an experienced speaker. What to tell when everything seems to be covered? Right about backend. What to do if you don’t want to back up, but you have to? This is where Firebase comes in, which works fine in conjunction with Flutter. But, as usual, there are some small nuances that Alexander will clarify in his report.

    Alexey Perelygin- mobile developer, Mail.Ru. What do we always ask ourselves when we start to get acquainted with technology? Three things: - How to write Hello World - How to start Hello World - How to make a spaceship from Hello World Here for the last case and you need an understanding, and which architectures can and should you use? In order to understand the difference between MVC, MVVM, Flux, BLoC and others in Flutter, I highly recommend visiting this report

    Alexey Sharov - frontend developer, Wrike. Alexey is the author of the very “buttons”, the game from the Wrike booth, which rattles all the conferences. Who has not dreamed in his life to make games? Here, in his session, Alexey will talk about how to make the game on Flutter, a little bit, and at the end of the report we will get a finished game! You can take a laptop with you and try to repeat.

    Maxim Ryzhikov- frontend developer, JetBrains. Maxim works in the notorious YouTrack, and is actively experimenting with Flutter. What should every developer do? Eat, sleep, and, of course, write tests! How to do this in Flutter, what are the specifics and how to test the widgets, Maxim will share in his report.

    Evgeny Saturov - SurfStudio. Unique promotion! Usually workshops are held outside the conference, and even for a fee. We are not so greedy, so you will have a unique opportunity to start developing on Flutter right at the conference, for free. It is enough to take a laptop with a pre-installed Android Studio and Flutter

    Vadim Tsushko- Founder of InfoVizion. Vadim has an impressive track record of accomplishments in mastering the Dart language - he once wrote a driver for MongoDB, and generally uses a stack for many years. How to develop your company using the capabilities of the language, what advantages it gives, and what is the essence of the whole ecosystem in general, Vadim will tell in his speech. The history from the first hands is the best way to understand, and whether it is worth using this or that technology at all.

    … and not only

    If the reports or workshops are not at all yours, then you can come to the conference at least to communicate with people who use Dart every day (and sometimes even at night). Well, just have a good time to spend this Saturday winter day, besides, have a snack on a pizza at the after-party, listen to music from vinyl and drink already promised craft beer. See what cool labels we printed!

    Oh yeah, and as a prize you received knowledge, because this is the most valuable thing in life, isn't it? And at the same time free of charge, and straight to your hands ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯.

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