Frontend DevDay: Maps, Teams, Two Queries

    December 7th is welcome to Frontend DevDay. This time we will mix the format of all the usual mitap with the technical presentation of the new 2GIS. Join to look at familiar technology from a new angle, establish yourself in the importance of the team and understand the relationship between the query and the browser.

    Under the cut details, theses and everything about registration.

    § DevDay

    DevDay is an open meeting for sociable IT people in Novosibirsk. We invite 150 guests and each time choose a new topic. The last time they collected testers , and by closing the front-end vendors we close the season 2018. With your participation, live or online, you’ll definitely get better.

    § What is it about?

    Together we will look inside the updated map - take a word, there is something to look at!
    We will reveal all the secrets at the meeting.

    The second report promises to be holivary - let's discuss whether technology is important, if your team is a dream team. At the end, let's take a look inside the browser - examine the requests, their caching and the difference between TLS and SSL.

    Come for inspiration, immersion and curiosity.

    § Program

    December 7th, Friday.
    Novosibirsk time (GMT +7), for Moscow, the start of the reports is at 15:00.

    18:30 - Prepati
    19:00 - Perhaps the most beautiful card // Mstislav Zhivodkov, 2GIS
    19:50 - How we delivered a new product, and delivered a new team // Vladislav Sapozhnikov, Yegor Banshchikov, 2GIS
    21:00 - Browser Makes Request // Roman Prudnikov, 2GIS
    22:00 - Aftepati

    Study the program on , look for familiar names among the participants .

    What's next? We decided to come in person - register . We will remind you of the meeting. We stopped at the broadcast - also register . We will send you a link to the video.

    See you on DevDay!

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