Simple technology that increases conversion from mobile traffic

    Just do not laugh, a hundred years ago, when I did not understand anything in Internet marketing, I attracted customers for my small business with the help of one simple and effective thing. I started a VKontakte group representing my company and invited people from the search there. That is, I went to the user invitation menu and stupidly clicked on the “Invite” button until turning blue.


    No matter how stupid it sounds now, but then it worked awesomely. I had a small training center and I managed in such a moronic way to gather a group of 20 students in 2-3 days, and in a week I launched up to 3 such groups.
    True, by the end of the week the finger was very sore. But time passed and after some 1.5 years the number of “wise men” like me went beyond all permissible limits. To achieve the same results as before, I should have mercilessly and doomed to spam all possible channels, sending millions of messages a day using self-written prog (the development of which, by the way, had to be ordered for decent money).

    Yes, doctor, in childhood I was a rabid spammer and you can beat me with a heavy stool for this. Then it stopped working at all and had to slowly become a marketer.

    When I launched my first startup, it never occurred to me that the interface needed to be adapted for mobile phones, and indeed, the word Usability was almost obscene for me. I didn’t bother so much about such issues that the first screen of the fancy Internet education system that we saw then looked like a splash screen of an online game.


    Now that I have about 50 projects behind me, I get this interface from a distant folder to neigh (although the boat is pretty).

    It was a very good time, people were simpler, more susceptible to advertising, (even the most stupid) less spoiled, in order to buy clothes in an ancient store, they were ready to go through a real quest called "Find this damn basket."

    I miss this time because it provided a ton of opportunities for delitants.

    Now everything is wrong. Nowadays, if you want to advertise your product, it’s not enough for you to make a regular landing and start advertising, you need to get into the head of your likely client, understand how he thinks and how his attention behaves when he visits the site. But, if the thinking of the user sitting at the working computer can still be sorted out somehow, then if he came in from a mobile phone, this already constitutes a problem. What the person who is browsing your site does now: rides the subway, sits on a jerk or drinks whiskey - a million-dollar question. Only one thing is obvious, in almost all cases it is limited in time and its attention is scattered. Everyone is furious with dudes who enter the site from mobile phones, merge the advertising budget and exit without even reading about your product. The market urgently needs a simple customizable tool,

    Recently, we were invited to participate in one project that deals with this very thing. Meet “Clicktex” , a company that devotes its working days and sleepless start-up nights to solving the issue of conversion from mobile traffic. They came up with a surprisingly simple solution, an adaptable panel for mobile phones, which appears at the bottom of the smartphone screen for visitors to your site, which makes it possible to quickly contact the manager and access to any necessary information with one touch. plus another half a hundred functions that you can configure in your account, and if you don’t have enough, you can create your own.


    With seeming simplicity, this solution really works, as evidenced by good customer reviews. I will not continue to paint the merits of this panel, otherwise it will turn out too advertising. Just go in and test for free yourself . Installation, by the way, takes only 5 minutes.

    Sincerely, the combined team of and Clicktex .

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