HolyJS in Moscow: first reports and CallForPapers

    The JavaScript universe is beautiful: the language grows and develops at a tremendous pace, frameworks breed (perhaps even too :)), the community blooms and smells, professional conferences appear in Russia.

    If you follow the events, then you know that in June in St. Petersburg the first large-scale professional conference on JavaScript was held in Russia - HolyJS. Everything went well then , and the conference itself will arrive in Moscow on December 11, and we’ll talk about this.

    In the part of the conference venue under the sun, nothing has changed: this is still a “pure JS" conference. I’m not to be confused with conferences about the front-end (of which there are many), we are talking about JavaScript in all its manifestations: from the web and backend to microcontroller programming.

    Here is a preliminary list of topics:

    • The architecture of modern JS applications;
    • Node.js: best practices, performance, memory management;
    • JS and the ECMAScript specification;
    • The practice of using ES6 and ES7;
    • Optimization of JS applications;
    • Functional programming in JS;
    • Client-server synchronization
    • Application testing;
    • Work with graphics (WebGL, D3.js, etc.);
    • Web API (Bluetooth, Network API, IndexedDB, Web Notifications, etc.);
    • WebAssembly
    • JS engines;
    • JS on devices;
    • Progressive Web Apps
    • Desktop apps (Electron, etc.).


    The main news is that we finally have something to work with :) The first conference we had with the guys from SPb Frontend, wandering in the dark of ignorance, and now we have more than 300 reviews from our participants from St. Petersburg.

    So, let's see what our members would improve:

    • Little hardcore. Holding the first conference, we, rightly, were afraid to go too far with heavy reports. As it turned out, in vain! Apart from the "anti-hipster" report by Alexei Simonenko, the leadership in evaluating the audience went to Vyacheslav Egorov, who spoke about the performance of JS engines. This time there are a lot of “bison” in the program, on whose reports there will be an opportunity to smash one’s head.

    • Little communication with speakers. Despite the fact that in June expert zones had already started their work in pre-format, many participants said that they did not have time to closely interrogate some speakers. Well, we’ll fix it: now, after each report, the speaker will move to the expert area and spend there ... more than an hour! Not a single question will remain unanswered.

    • Not enough coffee. Yes, the conference takes a lot of energy, and you can draw them only from the “black gold” of the developers - coffee :) Despite the fact that coffee poured on several coffee breaks and on lunch, the participants were few. This time, coffee on site will always be available, even during presentations.


    Ok, coffee and networking, that's good, but what about the reports? - you ask. Despite the fact that the conference will be already in December, we already have a couple of news that I’m sure you will like:

    Feross Aboukhadijeh , founder of Study Notes and PeerCDN (successfully acquired by Yahoo six months after the release), member of the Board of Directors of Node.js , as well as the author of many of his own projects, including WebTorrent and YouTube Instant, will talk about the development of cross-platform desktop applications based on Electron, Node.js and npm.

    There will be a bomb!

    Nikolaus Graf , Open source developer and co-creator of DraftJS Plugins & Carte Blanche, ReactJS organizer Vienna, will speak about rich editing on the web. We will talk about the Draft.js framework, which was released in 2016: we will talk about the data structure and how decorators, block renderers and style maps allow you to implement drag & drop, access via and hashtags. And in the continuation of this report, Arthur Stolyar will speak , who will talk about ServiceWorkers: how and when to use them better, what things can be done with them, which libraries to use, and what new features of ServiceWorkers are waiting for us soon.

    The headliner series continues with Max Stoiber , Thinkmill 's Open Source Developer, react-boilerplate creator and ReactJS organizer Vienna.

    The topic of his speech: “Offline is the new Black”, and speech, as you know, will be about "offline" web applications.

    As you can see, the set is more than interesting: there is both hardcore and on the edge. But that’s not all, there are some more interesting things.

    imageFor example, an architectural report by Victor Grishchenko , creator of swarm.js, dedicated to solving version control problems, updates and caching of sprawling and fattening web applications.

    The speaker will talk about experiments with "sawing" web applications into small pieces with separate version histories and explicitly written dependencies, as well as about what these experiments led to.

    imageWell, “for dessert”, keynote from Dr. Axel rauschmayer, the author of 2ality.com blog and several books on JavaScript (“Speaking JavaScript”, “Exploring ES6”, etc.) on the latest ECMAScript releases and what comes next. We have not yet managed to post all these reports

    on the conference website , but there you will find conditions for registration and participation in the conference . The participation price will gradually increase, so do not delay the purchase in the long box.

    Become a speaker

    If you want to talk about something technical about the Russian JavaScript community, give us a report!

    If you have already performed somewhere and received a warm welcome from the organizers and the audience, show us the video report - this will significantly speed up the decision by the program committee and increase your chances of speaking. Class performances in the past are one of the important criteria that our program committee has traditionally guided by.

    Beginners should not be afraid either - we will definitely talk to everyone. Moreover, if your topic is fresh and interesting, we will do our best to hone the content of the report, presentation technique, timings and presentation, in general, to prepare the perfect report with you.

    PS The program committee also plans to organize a round table, and here we would need the help of the community: tell me which topic needs discussion within the framework of the conference program and in what composition . Write suggestions and suggestions directly in the comments to the post .

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