Blendercam documentation in Russian

Translated documentation for Blendercam 0.9.

Blendercam is an add-on to Blender 3D that allows you to create G-code, simulate and prepare models for milling.

From the first impressions. Like Blender 3D, Blendercam is a rapidly developing project that already allows you to quickly and conveniently solve a lot of tasks related to 3D-milling, drilling and other types of CNC processing. Using is really very simple and convenient.

You can create tasks for the 3D milling cutter from polygonal models, from curves, and even from pictures (which is very convenient for making printed circuit boards, for example, and of course for art). There are useful options for quick roughing and finishing, special functions for creating grooves, joints, loops and other special processing curves that take into account the shape and size of the cutters. That is far from all.

I made the manual immediately in PDF, convenient for printing:

Under the cat is a list of options from the developer.

  • Several milling strategies for 2D and 3D
  • Types of cutters: ball, flat, v-thread with different angles, user-defined
  • Work with 3D data or images with depth
  • Layers and Covers for Roughing
  • Reverse milling
  • Various options for model environment
  • Vertical surface protection
  • Move Stay Slow option
  • Material Sizing
  • 3D simulation
  • Background computing operations so you can keep working
  • Spiral entry, arc, slowing down roll for some strategies
  • Automatic creation of supports for cutting operations
  • Chain export and simulation

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