Black Friday 2018 - VDS in Moscow and Amsterdam


    The rental action for VDS is arranged by us for the third time - now we can consider it traditional .
    Compared to last year - prices are lower, and the parameters are better .
    Only one thing has not changed - the tariff connected to the stock remains at that price for an unlimited period . *

    Winter is close , and the next share is only in a year!

    "Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and VDS on a black Friday."


    1. On Black Friday - for you two special fares - small and large.
    2. The tariff connected on the stock remains at that value for an unlimited period. *
    3. Fees can be upgraded - details under the cut

    Friday 2018 Small

    • 1 Intel Xeon Silver processor core
    • 1.5 GB DDR-4 RAM
    • 30 gigabytes of disk space on enterprise SSD media

    230 rubles per month
    * Truly unlimited - not a month-year, but forever .

    Friday 2018 Big

    • 6 cores of Intel Xeon Silver processor
    • 9 gigabytes of DDR-4 RAM
    • 120 gigabytes of disk space on enterprise SSD media

    1490 rubles per month

    The most important thing:

    The tariff will remain at that cost until the moment of cancellation of the service! In other words - the price will be beneficial not 3-6-12 months, it will be fixed on a permanent basis .

    The ability to change the configuration of these rates:
    In addition:
    + Disk space - 100 rubles / month for every 10 gigabytes, maximum +20 GB at the Small tariff and 80 GB at the Big tariff
    Thus, everyone will be able to choose for themselves the desired configuration and fix its cost for the entire duration of the service.

    Promotional rates are available on sites in Moscow and the Netherlands, using KVM virtualization.

    PS it is necessary to renew these tariffs every month :)


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