Announcement of Moscow GraphQL Meetup

    November 27, 2018 The first Moscow GraphQL Meetup will take place at the Attic Rambler & Co. We invite all developers to talk about technology and share experiences.

    Topics for reports:

    1. How to work with errors in GraphQL - Pavel Chertorogov
    When executing GraphQL queries, errors may occur. Let us examine the nature of occurrence, how they return to the specification and divide them into 4 groups. The purpose of the report is to learn how to conveniently and informatively return errors to customers of your API. The report will be useful for both back-end and front-end vendors. Examples will be on Node.js, but the principle of operation will be clear to developers of any programming language.

    2. GraphQL Design - Kirill Nesmeyanov (PHP development engineer, Rambler & Co advertising technologies team)
    A small overview report on how the technology came into being, what it has come to and can be expected in the near future.

    The event is free, and registration is required .

    With us pizza and tea!

    Beginning at 19.00
    Location: Warsaw highway, 9, p. 1, entrance number 5. Attic Rambler & Co


    Be sure to register and take with you a passport or other identity document so that you can be missed by the security of the business center!

    The broadcast will be available via a link on the Moscow GraphQL page on Facebook.

    Come, it will be interesting!

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