Workshop "Testing and Monitoring", November 27, Moscow

    “There has never been such a thing here again ...”

    Hello, Habr! On November 27, a “Testing and Monitoring” seminar will be held by our data center management expert, Kirill Shadsky. He will tell you what you can and should test in the data center. It will also show how to set up monitoring in order not to overload the systems.
    After the main part of the event, Kirill will conduct a tour of the NORD-4 data center.

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    Seminar program

    Theme: "Testing and Monitoring".
    Time and place: November 27 at LOFT Mira Deluxe, Moscow.
    Speaker: Kirill Shadsky, head of the external data center management department, DataLine.

    | Testing

    • Why you can not be afraid of testing
    • Why 2 times a year for DSU is very, very little.
    • How exactly to conduct tests (we test the power supply system in the online mode)

    | Monitoring

    • How to set up a monitoring system so that it helps you, rather than overload (using the example of NORD-4 monitoring)
    • How to visualize the monitoring system and set up alerts correctly

    | Excursion to the data center NORD

    Transfer to the data center will be organized.

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    See you at the seminar!

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