Mitap on Open Source Development in Moscow

    Hi, Habr!


    We invite engineers and architects to the mitap dedicated to the processes of joint open source development. The focus of our friends' projects is related to the ecosystem of the Apache Software Foundation.

    At the meeting, we will discuss effective ways to interact with the Open Source community, let's talk about the organization of the development process.

    We promise three interesting reports :

    • Dmitry Pavlov (Committer & PMC member Apache Ignite Open Source Community) will talk about how to become a committer, what difficulties may arise on this interesting path and how to deal with them.
    • Vyacheslav Daradur (developer and contributor of the Apache Ignite project) will introduce students to the Apache Ignite component, such as the Service Grid, talk about its redesign and share its development plans.
    • Nikolai Izhikov (Commiter & PMC member Apache Ignite, Apache Kafka Contributor) discusses the principles, rules and common mistakes when conducting (passing) code review in a large project and “sharing bad tips”.

    Mitap will take place on February 26 from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at Sberbank's Agile home: Kutuzovsky Prospect 32, office 1.

    Register , come! It will be interesting!

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