How to choose an IT specialist in Russia: myth No. 2, No. 3

    We continue to analyze myths.

    Myth 2: “Russian programmers are the best!”
    Again - a myth. Let's delve into the history of IT and recall significant figures equal to at least Dijkstra, Richie or Virtu. Only Turchin comes to mind and he, rather a theorist respected in narrow circles. I do not implore the merits of the REFAL language or supercompilation, but we admit honestly - the minds that contributed to the development (Kay, Carmack, Torvalds, Straustrub, Tonenbaum, Mac Kartney) belong to Russia! And now let's look at the technology stack that is taught at our universities - 10 years ago Delphi and PASCHL were taught to our programmers, and C ++ as the crown of human thought. The average graduate of a Russian university did not hear about industrial tools like Erlang, Eiffiel, Smalltalk, Scheme and had no idea how to work correctly with NoSQL or Big Data. 50% of diplomas are written on topics that are without applied value, and people without education (according to work practice) show the effectiveness of work 2-3 times higher. As proof of this thesis - look at least at a computer security specialist Chris Kaspersky, who never received a higher education diploma. What is the reason for this? Russian universities teach something that is no longer used in the mainstream, as teachers do not combine scientific activity with practice.

    Myth 3: “It’s better to hire 5 juniors than one experienced - it’s more effective.”
    Like the fallacy that if thousands of monkeys are given a typewriter and they write “War and Peace”, this fallacy still lives on. A hungry student has no experience he has no work knowledge, the most trivial task translates into lengthy reading of manuals and stuffing bumps. An experienced specialist will solve it in a couple of hours. With complex tasks it’s even worse - junior’s simply can’t implement it efficiently in a short time. Therefore - it is better to pay one person normal salary than inflating staff.

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