Digital events in Moscow from November 19 to 25

    A selection of key events in Moscow for a week.


    Callday 2018

    • November 20 (Tuesday)
    • Pushkinskaya Square 5
    • is free
    • On November 20, a large-scale conference on marketing, new advertising technologies and analytics in calling topics will be held - Callday 2018. Representatives of Google, Yandex, myTarget, Calltouch, Modulbank, PIK, Hoff, Call to visit and others will share their own experience, decisions and results.

      RIW 2018

    • November 21 (Wednesday) - November 23 (Friday)
    • Prospect Mira, 119
    • is free
    • The 11th Week of the Russian Internet (Russian Internet Week - RIW 2018) will be held on November 21-23 at the 75th VDNH pavilion in Moscow.

      Chemistry of the brain (from mediators to psychedelics)

    • November 21 (Wednesday)
    • Tverskoy Blvd 18s1
    • 2 500 p.
    • Synchronization in the Smirnov House is an intellectual evening with famous speakers, live music and walks around the mansion of the great architect Shekhtel. The lecture will discuss how the work of various mediators determines the mental state of a person. We will find out how the processes of addiction and dependence are realized in our brain.

    Rich content in online retail: new technologies for sales growth

    • November 21 (Wednesday)
    • Leningradsky Prospekt 39s79
    • is free
    • The standard product cards in online stores have been replaced by a new trend, which should soon absorb the entire market - rich content. What is it, why is it needed, how to create it without wasting time and resources - we will tell at our meeting.

      Conference Visionaries

    • November 21 (Wednesday)
    • 90th floor of Federation Tower, Presnenskaya embankment 12
    • 4,500 p.
    • Conference Visionaries are an analysis of cases of Russian companies and startups that were able to conquer international markets. Representatives of Russian brands will share their tools for entering the international market in order to strengthen the position of the Russian commune.

      Data science meetup

    • November 21 (Wednesday)
    • Bolshaya Polyanka 2 / 10s1
    • is free
    • Four Data Science and Machine Learning experts from S7 Airlines and Cindicator will share their insights.

      AdIndex Awards 2018

    • November 22 (Thursday)
    • Bolotnaya Embankment 9s1
    • from 14 000 p.
    • This year we will award the leaders of two ratings at once - Digital Index and Technology Index 2018.

      GetDigital 2019

    • November 22 (Thursday)
    • Mail.Ru Group, Leningradsky Prospekt 39
    • is free
    • International conference on digital marketing, which has already been held in 5 cities of the world: Boston, San Diego, Austin, Denver and Kuala Lumpur. 11 digital experts and a panel discussion on the most breakthrough digital trends in 2019. 6 areas: customer journey, growth hacking, video advertising, social networks, email and marketing automation. Case study marathon to increase sales. 60 minute marketing automation workshop from an international expert.

      History of Design: From the Bauhaus to IKEA

    • November 22 (Thursday)
    • Yauzskaya street 5
    • 900 p.
    • What do we think about when choosing a kettle? About its functionality, about the color of the wall tiles, about the teapot-spaceship, about the grandmother's teapot ... The choice is a problem. Previously, this was not: it was the design that changed our view of familiar things and made us experience the torment of choice. At the lecture we will learn how design penetrated our everyday life and changed ideas about beauty and comfort.

      Open mic for startups - HSE Pizza Pitch at Workki

    • November 22 (Thursday)
    • Butlerova 17
    • is free
    • On November 22, the HSE Business Incubator will hold a traditional open microphone for entrepreneurs visiting the Workki coworking network. Each guest will be able to tell about his project, share an idea, hear feedback, find new contacts, chat with like-minded people and have a great time.

      Open Conference ISP RAS V.P. Ivannikova

    • November 22 (Thursday) - November 23 (Friday)
    • Leninsky Prospekt 32 A
    • is free
    • The annual conference in which the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences. V.P. Ivannikova (ISP RAS) conducts a series of thematic sections in the areas of the IT industry, in which he has accumulated many years of experience in carrying out fundamental research, developing innovative technologies, as well as implementing, together with partners, specific projects for introducing developed technologies into industry.

      YouTube system

    • November 23 (Friday) - November 25 (Sunday)
    • Spartak Lane 2/1
    • from 5 500 r.
    • Training on how to create high-quality video content, promote your business and earn money using YouTube.

      SMM conf

    • November 24 (Saturday)
    • Poklonnaya 3AK4
    • 3 300 p.
    • Social Media Promotion Conference

      Hackathon PublicData

    • November 24 (Saturday) - November 25 (Sunday)
    • Small Konyushkovsky Lane 2
    • is free
    • Technological solutions greatly facilitate the work of activists, volunteers and NGO employees, therefore, joint work of specialists from various fields on finding solutions to social problems is needed. The prize fund of the hackathon is 150,000 rubles.

      Hackathon Phystech Genesis

    • November 24 (Saturday) - November 25 (Sunday)
    • 107 BFK MIPT, Dolgoprudny
    • is free
    • Tasks from MTS and Invisalign. Prize fund 150 000 r.

      Search and Rescue Hackathon

    • November 24 (Saturday) - November 26 (Monday)
    • Small Konyushkovsky Lane 2
    • is free
    • The NTI Olympics Hackathon is being held on November 24-26 in Moscow in the interests of the Lisa Alert Search and Rescue Team.

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