5 best Russian business trainers

    We have collected information about the most popular speakers in Russia, backed up with video examples of their activities. Read and draw conclusions, gentlemen.

    If you are looking for a business coach for your team or intend to develop your own business yourself, the work of business trainers, whose names are listed below, will be useful material for you.

    In this article, we have combined the main memorable personalities who will definitely be able to help you take a different look at the business you are doing.

    Good morning and enjoy reading!

    5 best

    • Radislav Gandapas

    “Antikasha in my head” - this performance, perhaps, should be called an introduction to the business and even to all training programs. The name already says a lot. Using examples from his own experience, Radislav talks about without which it is impossible to achieve any goal or several goals. Until you determine the main tasks for yourself, there can be no question of any search for ways to them.
    And here it’s worth remembering the main advice - do not rack your brains, torture yourself with insomnia and constantly look for your way. You just need to open yourself - and the goals will find you yourself. You will understand that this is yours and you will clearly see the ways to solve the problem.

    How to understand and do this - see his exclusive interview with the host of the program “Secrets of the Winners” Vladislav Chelpachenko.

    • Tarasov Vladimir

    Managing a team requires talent. Is always. To be precise, this is an art without which you can never overcome the conscious or unconscious opposition of your associates and your own team.
    The training “Management struggle 2.0” has become a classic among numerous presentations by other authors on business management.

    You will learn to see and understand your own mistakes and find practical advice on how to get out of conflict situations and personnel management, learn how to manage your team and be not only an official, but also a real leader.

    • Mann Igor

    Igor is one of the leading Russian business trainers, marketing practitioners, as well as the speaker of many training programs on syllabuses at the University of Synergy. His speeches are always especially useful in that they allow us to better understand how successful Western entrepreneurs conduct their business. The application of his knowledge in practice gives significant results, this is a kind of impetus for those who are looking for the right ways and are ready to use the accumulated world experience in their business.

    Watch one of his speeches - “How to Become No.1” and you yourself will understand what is the main engine in the modern business world.

    • Yitzhak Adizes

    This is a man who has been engaged in the theory of successful business for 50 years, whose advice and recommendations are always heeded, because this is not just theoretical research. His works and live performances are always topical answers to the most pressing questions.
    Adizes is familiar in many corners of the planet, he taught at the University of California, advised the heads of leading world states on economic issues. His books and video lectures are especially relevant when the world is again on the verge of yet another revolutionary change in the economy.

    To understand what we’re listening to, Yitzhak Adizes’s live webinar, How to Manage an Organization During Unpredictable Changes.

    • Gleb Arkhangelsk

    One of the existing founders of the Russian school of time management, Gleb, is a man who cast doubt on the truth “Time is money”. In his writings, he constantly reminds listeners that time is a non-renewable resource.
    You will find many explanations in your speeches why business success costs much more than you can measure with a chronometer.

    As an example, check out one of his live webinars, "How to Live in Time."


    Continuous self-education and business development are inextricably linked. Of course, you can become successful without the help of a coach, however, with them the learning process can become more interesting, and mastering the material is much easier.
    Use all possible channels: courses, seminars, conferences, books, video channels to become more productive. But choose material to study from the works provided by successful figures.

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