At the end of 2015, the Internet company Yandex spent a record amount on advertising and finding new partners

    At the end of 2015, the Internet company Yandex spent a record amount on advertising and marketing its own services. The amount spent on promoting services in Russia and abroad exceeded 997 million rubles. This is 18% more than in 2014, when expenses in this segment amounted to 808 million rubles, and 48% more than similar costs in 2013.

    Yandex spent most of the money on advertising in Turkey. The company has entered into a multi-million dollar contract with the Fenerbahçe Football Club . Yandex has been operating in Turkey since 2011.

    The second contract Yandex signed with the Mozilla Foundation . The company agreed to install for residents of Turkey in the browser FirefoxYandex search by default. Earlier in this country, the default search was set to Google in the Firefox browser settings.

    As representatives of Mozilla write in the company’s blog, the Yandex search was tested on a sample of 10 thousand users. “When Yandex was offered to Turkish users instead of Google, most of them stayed with Yandex,” the Yandex press service said.

    Yandex’s largest contract signed with Microsoft Corporation . The Russian company was able to agree with Microsoft to pre-install its default search for Microsoft Edge browsers and Internet Explorer for Windows 10. After this information got on the Web, Yandex quotes increased.

    Microsoft Corporation, in agreement with a Russian company, will make Yandex the default search engine for devices running Windows 10. The domestic search service will become the default search for Windows 10 users from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey. In addition, Yandex will become the starting page for these same users.
    In 2015, Yandex revenue increased by 18% compared to 2014 - to 59.792 billion rubles. Adjusted net income fell 11% to 12.179 billion rubles. At the end of February of this year, Yandex announced that it was buying the building in the Krasnaya Roza business district, where its office is located. The deal is planned to close in the 2nd half of this year. If this happened now, the company's costs would increase by another 44 billion rubles.
    Funds were also invested in promoting Yandex services on mobile devices. Yandex has invested in Yandex.Browser advertising and Yandex.Market service.

    Yandex considers Google and Mail.RU Group to be its main competitors . To oust Google in the Russian market, the company did everything it could. Yandex even filed a complaint with the FAS.

    The FAS issued a decision on the violation by Google of the Law on Protection of Competition in September, ordering to eliminate all identified violations before November 18. A major violation is Google’s ban on gadget manufacturers from pre-installing third-party apps on mobile devices.

    After that, representatives of Yandex started actively negotiating with mobile device manufacturers about pre-installing their applications.

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