Russian online trading through the eyes of researchers: buyers vs sellers

    The next researchers dared to make timid attempts to study the mysterious Russian soul, which wanders around the Russian Internet in search of happiness. But since for many the concept of "happiness" also includes the material component, then users of Runet rush to online stores, where there is "everything." And right away. However, not everyone admits that they only go to see. Therefore, retailers often complain that they are not very active in buying their products. That is why the work of researchers becomes ungrateful, and instead of honors, they receive complaints for unreliability.

    The company Nielsen in the study concluded that online shopping make 9 out of 10 Russian Internet users.

    89% of Russian Internet users periodically make online purchases. The remaining 11% use the Internet exclusively to access information about products that they then buy in offline stores.

    The company's analysts analyzed the activity of 500 Russians from August to October 2015 and made the above generalization.

    According to Nielsen, clothing (64%) and consumer electronics (50%) remain the most popular product categories in Russian online commerce. The least popular are online purchases of packaged groceries (12%) and alcohol (8%).

    6% of respondents said that they make purchases only in foreign online stores.

    It also turned out that 70% of consumers pay for goods in cash upon receipt, and only 47% - with a debit card; 45% - through electronic payment systems. In the world, analysts noted, cash payment to a courier is not very popular: on average 36% of consumers use this method, in France - 8%, in Germany - 12%, in the UK - 16%, and in Spain - 22%.

    But not all participants in the Russian e-commerce market agree with the results of the study.

    Svyaznoy estimates that only every second Internet user in Russia makes online purchases, and a significant portion of online store customers are concentrated in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian cities. In Yandex.MarketThe publication also commented that the Nielsen data are similar to those of the capital and million-plus cities, and online shopping may be less popular in the regions, Kommersant reports .

    Another study (prepared by Data Insight and the Ruward project ) did not analyze Internet shoppers, but Internet retailers.

    The publication "Kommersant" has published a rating of the most successful online stores. The main selection criteria were turnover and the number of orders.

    In the first place in the ranking was the auto parts storesemi-annual turnover (for 6 months in 2015 from January to June) to 35.7 billion rubles, with the number of orders for the period 4150 and the average daily check in 8600 rubles, leads Firrma data.

    The second place is at Yulmart . Its six-month turnover in the first half of 2015 amounted to 15.9 billion rubles, with the number of orders - 2550 and an average daily check of 6200 rubles.

    In third place is the online retailer Wildberries with a turnover of 14,000 million rubles and the number of orders in 9650 - also: from January to June 2015.


    January 25 in the open spaces of Runet passedCyber ​​Monday action. It was attended by more than 100 domestic online stores, including some of the retailers mentioned above.

    The total sales turnover amounted to approximately 9 billion rubles, which is slightly less than the expected amount of 11.5 billion. As the president of the Association of Internet Commerce Companies ( AKIT ) notes , the action allowed stores to get more customers.

    At the same time, as the RBC survey shows , many owners of online stores who participated in the action are disappointed with the event, as they expected sales to increase several times.

    On the part of buyers, complaints were also recorded about dishonest behavior of shops, technical problems and lack of goods.

    Will the audience of online stores grow significantly after such "promotions"? While there is no definite answer, but there is a topic for further research.

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