Google asks to consider the case against the FAS without the press and Yandex

    Google appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a request to consider the company’s lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly Service behind closed doors, in addition, Google does not agree with the presence of Yandex as a third party. The company explains this request by the fact that a large amount of information that is a trade secret will be revealed at the hearing.

    The representative of the corporation of good commented as follows: “Google would not want information related to legally significant, in particular, the contents of contracts with company counterparts, and trade secrets to be made public and competitors.”

    In this lawsuit, which Google filed with the Moscow Arbitration Court on December 10, 2015, the company demands that the FAS decision of October 2015 in the Yandex against Google case be declared unlawful. Then the FAS admitted that Google violates the law of competition. Initially, the case was initiated at the statement of Yandex on February 20, 2015, accusing Google of restricting competition and deliberately hampering users' access to software from other developers.

    At the moment, Google’s petition remains open, and the court adjourned the preliminary hearing until February 5, along with a decision on the presence of Yandex as a third party in the trial. Representatives of Yandex claim that the company wishes to participate in the consideration of the case: “Yandex was the only applicant in the FAS case, and the evidence and numerous explanations presented by Yandex concerned all the significant circumstances of the case and were examined in detail during the trial. Of course, we want to participate in the consideration of the case related to the challenge of the FAS, and to defend our interests, state our arguments and objections, provide explanations regarding the evidence provided, confirming Google’s illegal actions that violated our rights and interests. ”

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