HolyJS 2018 Moscow: free online broadcast, party and science and technology rap

    The HolyJS 2018 Moscow conference will take place this weekend, and in this post there is valuable information for both those who go there and all other JavaScript developers. The audience of the conference will find out what exactly they will see at the party, and the rest - what reports they will be able to watch free of charge on YouTube.


    In an open online broadcast will include five reports of the first day. Here is who can be seen:

    • Michel Weststrate is the creator of the MobX library, which is actively pushing Redux (more than 17,000 stars on GitHub). It is not surprising that he understands the state management and tells about it - not specifically about his library, but about the basics common to all state management.
    • Kirill z6Dabrata Cherkashin (a Firebase employee, organizer of the world's largest Angular mitap) will show how to work with binary data in JavaScript
    • Maxim Salnikov (full-stack developer ForgeRock, a person who has been engaged in front-end development since the end of the last century) will tell about the Service Worker API, about the best cases, possible problems and updates.
    • Pavel Chertorogov (by graphql-compose) will look at GraphQL from a backend point of view and explain which packages to install, how to write a schema and a primitive ACL.
    • Alexander Korotaev, a frontend developer from Tinkoff, a sensational browser version of Heroes , will now share his new experience: creating a game for developers, choosing a game engine, and combating the flow of events.

    More detailed descriptions of these and other reports are available on the website .

    But that in the online broadcast will not fall, so it is a variety of activities at the end of the first day. This is what the audience will personally attend the conference:

    BoF sessions

    BoF sessions are traditionally held at our conferences. This format differs from the reports and round tables in that there is no division into leaders and participants. Anyone can take part, express their opinions, share experiences or ask a question. The rule is only one thing - do not move away from the topic. Although, perhaps, there is a second, not to talk with your mouth full: bafa are held in an informal setting, you can come there with food and drink.

    On the first day of the conference, after the end of the main program, three BoF sessions will be held :

    • Developer Tools
    • "What about Node.js?"
    • "State on client side"

    There you can learn something else from the speakers, and talk with other cool specialists, who this time have no reports on HolyJS, but can also share their expertise. This format provides full communication between the participants and allows you to cover a wide range of related topics.

    Summarizing TSHH

    In fact, each of us who are not completely satisfied with the JavaScript world has a chance to influence this: it is possible to make proposals for the ECMAScript standard. But how many of us think about it, and even more, begin to figure out exactly how to make out offers? The program committee of the conference decided to contribute to this. Therefore, any participant can make their proposals in a format that is convenient to him, and at the party a vote will be taken for the best proposal, which will eventually be issued as a proposal in TCXX. This makes it possible and fun, and seriously think about "what I miss in JS."

    Party with beer and music

    There is nothing to add here: pizza, beer and music - the right atmosphere for informal communication with speakers and colleagues. Theoretically, you can communicate in the intervals between reports, but during the day the head swells from the flow of information, you have to keep in mind "how much the next report starts," and a lot of things happen at the stands of companies. And here it is possible, without haste, to relax in a relaxed manner all that is sore.

    "Scientific and technical rap"

    Have you heard of such a musical genre as Nerdkor? At the conference party you will have a chance to hear the only Russian group playing this style. "Science and Technology Rap" or HTP perform hip-hop about the life of IT-specialists, famous scientists, scientific facts and programming. The band members are ideological labor-nerd, brain tester Vlad Gorelov, DJ of the Nonlinear Automata Department, Yevgeny Gollad. For dancing with a tambourine in the group meets the junior researcher. Olga Kochergina.
    Offline tickets for HolyJS 2018 Moscow have already ended, but if you are interested in reports that were not included in the free broadcast, you still have the opportunity to see them at the same time as conference attendees: a paid broadcast , where all the reports will be available live and recorded.

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