10 upcoming conferences and hackathons in Moscow

    This is my regular selection of IT events for the Moscow Startup Digest . Under the cut - hackathons on MO, meetings of "pythonists" and a conference for the founders of startups.

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    Techstars Startup Digest is my mailinglist ofevents for the founders of startups, developers and all interested in IT-topics. I have been doing the Moscow Digest since 2012, and the Startup Digest itself has appeared earlier. On the history of the project there is aseparate habrapost.

    The list of events includes free (or cheap) conferences, where you can learn something new and interesting, pump your skill and chat with colleagues.

    1. Event Hall: PicsArt AI Hackathon

    When: .. Thurs., November 1 - Sat, December 2
    How much: 8:00
    Where: Jagger is Hall then, ul. Rochdelskaya d.15, p.30
    How much it costs: Free

    Hackathon members will create MO-based solutions for processing photos and videos. ML-specialists and developers will compete for their share of the prize fund of 500 thousand dollars .

    The qualifying stage will end on November 25, and work will begin on November 30 on the applications. On their creation is given three days. The hackathon final will take place on December 2 - the top 50 teams will present their products to the jury. Anyone can visit the third day of the final.

    2. Ulysses Pub: Founders Night Out

    When: Fri, November 16 What time
    : 19:00
    Where: Ulysses Pub, Plotnikov Lane, 22/16
    How much: Free

    Meeting of start-ups and mentors of the Founders Institute business incubator in Friday without ties - no microphones. Here you can talk about your idea, ask for advice from experienced entrepreneurs and just chat with like-minded people.

    3. SOK: Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon

    When: Fri, November 16 - Sun., November 18
    How much: 18:00
    Where: SOK, Leningradsky Prospect, 33, v.7
    How much: Free

    International hackathon to create blockchain solutions on the open source platform DCore. The task of the teams is to create prototypes of blockchain projects that will make the world a better place. There will be workshops and seminars on the development of blockchain startups, as well as workshops on working with the DCore platform. The winners of the Russian stage will go to the Grand Finale and fight in battle with teams from Germany, USA, Slovakia and China.

    4. White Eagles Pub: C ++ Drink Up

    When: Thu, November 22 What time:
    How much: 19:00
    Where: White Eagles pub, Kozitsky Pereulok, d.1a, p.2
    How much is: Free

    Event for everyone who loves C ++. The main speaker will be Sergey Sadovnikov from Kaspersky Lab, and the main topic will be metaclasses. We will talk about how to use them and their implementation as a separate utility. You can also discuss news about C ++ and talk about other topics.

    5. Workki: HSE Pizza Pitch

    When: Thu, November 22 Check-in
    : 18:30
    Where: Workki Neo Geo, ul. Butlerova, 17
    How much it costs: Free

    Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs and investors will gather here. Each speaker will have three minutes to share his idea and talk about his project. Guests will help the speaker in word and deed - they will tell you how to solve the problem, or maybe they will invest the company. After the pitch session - informal chat and dinner with pizza.

    6. HSE: Machine Learning Methods in Bioinformatics

    When: Thu, November 22 What time
    : 18:00
    Where: HSE, Kochnovskiy passage, 3
    How much: Free The

    seminar is dedicated to the use of machine learning in genetics and genomics. It will be conducted by Maria Poptsova - Associate Professor of the Big Data Department and Head of the Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Bioinformatics, HSE. The participants of the event will get acquainted with the latest research of scientists from Harvard, Cambridge and Massachusetts universities.

    7. Boiling point: PublicData

    When: Sat, November 24 - Sun., November 25 What time
    : 10:00
    Where: Boiling Point, Small Konyushkovsky Lane, 2
    How much: Free

    Hackathon for developers, analysts, designers and journalists who want to help social projects . Participants will create mobile applications, write plug-ins or bots that will solve the applied tasks of non-profit organizations from different fields. The prize fund is 150 thousand rubles.

    8. SOK: The practice of creating and developing an IoT company

    When: Tue., November 27,
    At what time: 18:30
    Where: SOK, ul. Earthen embankment, 8.
    How much it costs: Free

    Representatives of two technological IoT start-ups will speak at the event. Alexander Dolbnev from Tibbo Systems will talk about trends in the Internet of things market. Alexey Vinokurov, CEO of Mind Technology, on the example of a technological product (capsules for naps) will tell how to create demand, where to find investors and how to enter the international market. No water - just practical advice.

    9. Smart City: Moscow Python Meetup

    When: Thu, November 29 What time
    : 19:00
    Where: The Smart City Pavilion, Prospekt Mira, d.119, p.461
    How much does it cost: Free

    How can you finally stop prokrastirovat and start writing code? What is inside the Python interpreter? How to implement a real-time application with chat bots in Python? Representatives of Nvidia and Mos.ru are telling.

    10. CDP: Russian Startups Go Global 2018

    When: . Sat, December 1
    How much: 10:00
    Where: Digital business space, st. Pokrovka, d.47
    How much it costs: Free

    Cases of global companies. On business. Is free. Representatives of PayPal, JivoSite, Fasten, Planyway and many other companies will speak to the participants. You will learn how to sell your product in the US, being in Russia, why startups should look at the markets of developing countries and how to overcome difficulties when launching global projects.

    PS You can see the events in the calendar format  here , and the email distribution looks like this . If you know about interesting IT events, write about them in the comments.

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