Uncertified GPS tracker from China. Is it legal in Russia?

Foreign online stores are filled up with a variety of devices equipped with GPS, GSM-modules that allow you to track the location of the observed object and control the device via SMS and mobile applications. And, of course, most of them are not certified and are prohibited for import / use in Russia. A simple man in the street, having heard the words "uncertified" and "GPS" in one sentence, will say: "This is illegal under article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation!", And will be right. Or maybe not. I tried to understand and consolidate all this in this article.

How did it all start?

I am a cyclist and ride my two-wheeler all year round. In my small town of 250 thousand people is the perfect transport. In any point of the city on it can be reached in half an hour. It is dear to me, and so I decided to secure it (there were precedents!) By ordering a GPS tracker from a Chinese online store. It integrates into the steering column. And when activating the security mode, it can notify by SMS if the bike is moved and send GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps.

Suddenly, I find out that this may be illegal, and such a GPS tracker can be regarded as “a special technical tool for secretly obtaining information (CTC NPI).

What is the CTS NPI?

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 16, 2012 N 314 : “Special technical means intended for secretly obtaining information are equipment, technical equipment and (or) tools developed, adapted or programmed to secretly receive and register acoustic information; tapping telephone conversations; interception and registration of information from technical communication channels; control of mail messages and shipments; research subjects and documents; receiving (changing, destroying) information from the technical means of its storage, processing and transmission “.

According to article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the perpetrator is awaiting either a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles, or imprisonment of up to four years.

There is even a list of CTS NPI types specified in the Russian Federation Government Decree of 01-07-1996 No. 770 , among which clause 7 “Special technical means for secret penetration and inspection of premises, vehicles and other objects” - our device falls under this.

Noisy cases of using CTS NPI

  • News from 09/06/2010: A radio amateur from Arkhangelsk Alexei Trubin found a published scheme in the magazine “Radio”, made a radio microphone and a device for his son, widely known as “baby monitor”. He was sentenced to 1.5 years probation.

    This report also mentions “trade in household recording devices,” but they clearly fall under the definition of the CTC NPI.
  • News from 12/15/2017: A large farmer in the Kurgan region is tried for buying a GPS tracker and attaching it to a calf, which is walking by itself. The farmer did not suspect that this falls under the article on the illicit trafficking of special equipment.

    On 21.03.2018, it turned out that the case was closed for lack of real spyware intent in the actions of the accused.
  • News from 03/29/2017: Vladimir Taktaev bought action glasses that he wanted to use for fishing. He used his glasses only a few times, after which he decided to sell them through the Avito website due to financial difficulties. The buyer called - it turned out to be an employee of the FSB. As a result, Taktaeva was sentenced to 8 months in prison.

Reasonable doubts, or what the FSB of Russia will say?

Let us return to the definition of CTS NPI: "... technical equipment ... developed ... for secretly obtaining ... information".

Hence the question: “Will the device be considered as CTC NPI if I designate its purpose as marking on the body with special marks on the bicycle frame?”

In accordance with paragraph 25 of paragraph 9 of Presidential Decree No. 960 of 11.08.2003, the production, sale, operation, import and export of encryption (cryptographic) means to / from the Russian Federation is handled by the FSB of Russia.

I asked them to inform them whether it is legitimate to use this GPS tracker as described above to protect my own transport?

Full text of the appeal
Добрый день!
Я являюсь владельцем велосипеда, часто езжу по городу и очень дорожу своим средством передвижения.

Также у меня уже был случай кражи колёс стоимости 20000 руб, которые так и не удалось найти (сообщение о преступлении, зарегистрированное в КУСП ОП №1 УМВД России по г.Сыктывкару за №13495 от 09.09.2016).

В связи с этим я хотел бы установить в свой транспорт противоугонную систему.

Единственный вариант устройства, который подходит по габаритам и функционалу — это GPS-трекер Coban GPS 305. Продавец находится в Китае, и у него нет сертификата на данный прибор.

Об устройстве: GPS-трекер устанавливается в рулевую колонку для лучшего приёма сигнала GSM и GPS, таким образом видна его верхняя торцевая часть. При помощи магнитного ключа прибор переключается в режим „охрана“, и при движении велосипеда устройство отправляет сообщение владельцу. Также оно передаёт координаты местоположения велосипеда в специальный Web-сервис, посредством которого владелец может отследить перемещения своего велосипеда.

На корпус прибора я планирую наклеить этикетку с моделью и предназначением устройства (»Coban GPS 305, GPS/GSM/GPRS, противоугонное велосипедное устройство"). На раме велосипеда будет обозначение, что он оснащён противоугонной системой.

В Постановлении Правительства РФ от 10.03.2000 № 214 в ред. от 20 марта 2018, в перечне видов СТС НПИ присутствют «Специальные технические средства для негласного контроля за перемещением транспортных средств и других объектов» (п.8). Однако, вышеупомянутый GPS-трекер при использовании этикеток и обозначений не будет являться «скрытно внедряемым» и не должен относиться к специальным техническим средствам, предназначенным для негласного получения информации (СТС НПИ) по определению.

Прошу сообщить, относится ли в таком случае это устройство СТС НПИ? Правомерно ли его приобретение и использование вышеописанным способом в соответствии с указанными мной целями, и является ли его приобретение наказуемым по ст. 138.1 УК РФ?
Инструкцию, включая технические характеристики, к GPS-трекеру Coban GPS 305 прилагаю.
In response, I received the following:
... The use of this device by the method described in the appeal is legitimate and is not punishable under Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ...

As for the acquisition of the device ... In case the foreign equipment planned for import contains cryptographic algorithms, then ... the import or export of encryption (cryptographic) means is availability of information on the inclusion of the relevant notification in the unified register of notifications or the conclusion (of the permissive document) ...
Full answer

Of course, there is no information on this device in this registry. This means that either it does not contain any cryptographic algorithms, or its verification has never been carried out by anyone. And, most likely, this is the second.

Check on the belonging of the GPS tracker to the JTS NPI

It became interesting to me, is it possible to independently give the device for inspection to an accredited organization and get a permit document that will allow using the device for legal reasons?

I phoned all the companies in the city that conduct independent examinations, and out of a dozen, only one said that she could conduct it. I sent by e-mail more detailed information regarding the GPS tracker for a preliminary cost estimate and received the answer:
Good day. The cost of the study will be 17,100 p.
17100 rubles! This is 6 times more expensive than the tracker! And it is very likely that STS NPI will recognize it, focusing on its technical data, and nothing more.

By the way, if a case is brought to you, the examination within the investigation will be conducted free of charge.

What do FSTEC and FCS say about this?

With a similar question, I turned to the FSTEC.

FSTEC of Russia (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) -
controls export and (or) import of goods (works, services), information, results of intellectual activity in respect of which export control is established, according to the Order of FSTEC of Russia of April 4, 2008 N 78.

Despite the list of its functions, the FSTEC replied that it was not in its competence, and sent me to the FSB of Russia and the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

FSTEC full response

Well, with the same question I turned to the FCS.

FCS replied:
... Based on the functionality of the GPS tracker, it can be categorized as special technical means for secretly monitoring the movement of vehicles and other objects ...
Full reply FCS

In general, they did not even take into account how and for what purposes the use of the device is planned.

Arbitrage practice

There is a Decree of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation No. 3-P dated March 31 , 2011 , which states that outside the law are devices designed specifically for secret (secret, non-obvious, secretive) obtaining information that violate secrecy and privacy.

And, by the way, the decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation are final, not subject to appeal, and can be used as a precedent in similar cases.

I will quote from the resolution the main thing:

Quotation of the Resolution of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
Таким образом, по смыслу части третьей статьи 138 УК Российской Федерации в системном единстве с положениями Федерального закона «Об оперативно-розыскной деятельности» и корреспондирующими им нормативными правовыми актами Правительства Российской Федерации, к техническим средствам для негласного получения информации, свободный оборот которых в Российской Федерации запрещен и, следовательно, производство, сбыт или приобретение которых без специального, установленного в законном порядке разрешения являются незаконными, относятся только специальные технические средства, предназначенные (разработанные, приспособленные, запрограммированные) именно для целей негласного (т.е. тайного, неочевидного, скрытного) получения информации, тайна и неприкосновенность которой гарантированы статьями 23, 24 (часть 1) и 25 Конституции Российской Федерации, а также законодательством Российской Федерации.

В частности, это могут быть технические средства, которые закамуфлированы под предметы (приборы) другого функционального назначения, в том числе бытовые; обнаружение которых в силу малогабаритности, закамуфлированности или технических параметров возможно только при помощи специальных устройств; которые обладают техническими характеристиками, параметрами или свойствами, прямо обозначенными в соответствующих нормативных правовых актах; которые функционально предназначены для использования специальными субъектами.

Что касается технических средств (предметов, устройств), которые по своим техническим характеристикам, параметрам, свойствам или прямому функциональному предназначению рассчитаны лишь на бытовое использование массовым потребителем, то они не могут быть отнесены к специальным техническим средствам для негласного получения информации, если только им намеренно не приданы нужные качества и свойства, в том числе путем специальной технической доработки, программирования именно для неочевидного, скрытного их применения…

1. Признать положение части третьей статьи 138 УК Российской Федерации, предусматривающее уголовную ответственность за незаконные производство, сбыт или приобретение специальных технических средств, предназначенных для негласного получения информации, не противоречащим Конституции Российской Федерации, поскольку — по конституционно-правовому смыслу данного положения в системе действующего правового регулирования — предполагается, что уголовная ответственность наступает за производство, сбыт или приобретение таких специальных технических средств, которые предназначены (разработаны, приспособлены, запрограммированы) для негласного (т.е. тайного, неочевидного, скрытного) получения информации, затрагивающей права личности, гарантированные статьями 23, 24 (часть 1) и 25 Конституции Российской Федерации, виды, свойства и признаки которых определены соответствующими федеральными законами и изданными на их основе нормативными правовыми актами Правительства Российской Федерации и свободный оборот которых не разрешен, если указанные действия совершаются без соответствующей лицензии и не для нужд органов, уполномоченных на осуществление оперативно-розыскной деятельности.

The reaction of the authorities

After the press conference on 12/14/2017 , Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General’s Office to adjust Russian legislation, which implies the responsibility of individuals for the acquisition of technical means for secretly obtaining information.

The full text of the instruction can be viewed on the website of the President of Russia . Order “Pr-2713, p. 1 g)".
Deadline - March 15, 2018 Responsible: Medvedev DA

The latter entrusted this to the FSB, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Communications and the Federal Customs Service of Russia, until March 1, 2018. I found
no results on this instruction.

Reaction of citizens

In RuNet created many petitions calling for a review of article 138.1 of the Criminal Code.
The largest is on the site OnlinePetition.ru . But at the moment it was signed by only 4 hundred votes, out of the required 100 thousand.


Article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation does not contain a clear concept of the CTS NPI, their exhaustive list, signs and criteria for delimiting from the technical means allowed for circulation. Therefore, at this time, prosecutors are given unreasonably broad limits of discretion, thereby allowing arbitrary application of this article.

Despite this, there is a reaction from the authorities, who promise to solve this problem in the near future, and judicial practice, allowing the use of such unsecured devices for personal (household) purposes.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it is still possible to use a GPS tracker from a Chinese online store, indicating its presence, to track my bike. But the acquisition is a big question! On the one hand, if you use the device is not covertly, for household personal needs, then it will not be a CTC NPI by definition. On the other hand, while the non-certified device has not passed the test, it is impossible to say whether it is a CTS NPI or not?
In general, most likely, the acquisition of a GPS tracker will be illegal, since examination will take into account only the technical data of the device. Therefore, it is necessary to make amendments to the law, which will take into account the method of using such devices.
It remains to expect that the wording in the legislation regarding the CTC NPI will make it more unambiguous, and hope that ordinary citizens will not suffer from this.

11/29/2018 upd: The Supreme Court explained how unreasonably not to attract citizens for spyware .
According to the article, article 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation cannot be qualified as an “action of a person who acquired a device intended for secretly receiving information for use, for example, for personal security, for the safety of family members, including children, for the safety of property or for tracking animals, and did not intend to use it as a means of encroaching on the constitutional rights of citizens (including interfering in someone else’s privacy). ” The decree will be made after making a number of editorial changes.

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