Copy paste innovation: Groupon cloned in Russia and China

    Even a casual look at the new Russian site BigLion shows that the creators not only copied the business model from Groupon , but simply torn off the design and navigation in great detail. Sites look completely identical.

    Even some media in Russia wrote about the opening of this site. writes that the service is “ideologically close” to Groupon, noting that $ 30 million was invested in Groupon at the end of 2009, which confirms that the business model works. At the same time, not a word about ethical and legal issues of website cloning and a business model.

    At the end of the article, a note is given for potential Russian cloners. It is noted that business ideas for startups are worth looking for in the news on CrunchBase., which reports on American startups that have received investments.

    This is how the latest technologies reach Russia.

    Recently, it also became known about the Chinese clone of Groupon. They went further than BigLion even copying the name of the project


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