How to make video sell: cases and practical tips

    This article will discuss the role of video in modern Internet marketing. We’ll talk about how the video compares favorably with other content, how you can use it on landing pages and how to optimize it to attract organic traffic. Enjoy and enjoy reading!

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    Battle for attention

    A resident of the civilized world is surrounded by such an amount of advertising that he has long learned to ignore it. Well, except from boredom, when for some reason you can’t stick into a smartphone on the way to work or home. Satiety in highly competitive markets is forcing companies to fight for the attention of every potential customer. Who managed to emerge from the muddy river of monotonous advertising and, flashing in the sun an interesting idea or form of presentation, to catch the eye of the consumer, he won. The same applies to online advertising.

    The text is no longer read, but “scanned”. Your potential client (or maybe you are now), resting his chin in his hand, will lazily scroll the page. His gaze wanders around the screen, drawing an F-pattern. Sigh, click ... the page is closed. This does not always mean that the page had bad text, an outdated design, or a curve layout. The person simply did not concentrate, did not direct his attention to the direction you needed. This happens all the time. How to deal with such a problem?

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    One of the most effective ways to attract the attention of a visitor is to use video. After all, it is able to wield the attention of a person more effectively than text or static graphics. The reasons lie in our physiology. When viewing a video, information passes through two channels: visual and auditory. Accordingly, a person willingly or unwillingly has to include attention in order to understand the meaning of what is happening. In addition, the contemplation of a moving image requires more concentration than a static picture.

    According to MediaMind , the CTR of online video exceeds the CTR of banner ads by 27.5 times.

    Another advantage of video content lies in the fact that when watching a video, a person does not experience stress. Information is transmitted to him as if by itself, without conscious efforts on his part. To read the text, a person needs to strain. He can be relaxed to watch the video. For this reason, when a person sees a video embedded in a page, a person will most likely click on it. He knows that watching a video does not require effort. A good way to get distracted. In addition, what if the video is interesting?

    A strong effect is achieved if you play in contrast: embed a video in the page, which is stylistically different from the rest of the content on the site. This is exactly the trick we did with the Altis-Lift landing page, which is engaged in the sale of elevator equipment and related services. We posted a video mounted from the animated series Happy Tree Friends on the page. This is a cartoon full of black humor about misadventures of cute forest animals. The plot is unpretentious - everyday situations entail getting into terrible alterations. In our case, such a situation was the banal use of the elevator.

    “Want to save by ordering a cheap elevator model? That’s what can happen in this case, ”reads the caption above the video. Its primary task is to break the template that the visitor has formed after viewing dozens of strict B2B sites.

    The fact is that Altis-Lift operate in a B2B niche with a long sales cycle and the high cost of one transaction. Elevators do not order interest for the sake of or out of boredom. They are ordered because the business has such a need. Her satisfaction is work, not entertainment. Accordingly, a person viewing the page was at work. Sipping corporate coffee, he will scroll the next page with elevators. A serious face, maybe bored.

    And then, all of a sudden, along with the numbers, specifications and quality guarantees, there appears an entertaining video about not-so-distant animals and an elevator flying off the coils. What happens in this case? A person unknowingly selects this site against the background of competitors that have taken neighboring tabs. Without realizing it, he remembers this page, even if the memory is based on the phrase “moose and elevator”. This option is also suitable for us, and soon we will tell you why.

    Explain to me how it works.

    Or here's another option. Let's say a visitor came to your site who suits your service. Here is your potential client, whom it is a sin to miss. But the problem is that the service is complicated. You understand it very well, you can take it apart to a screw, but the client has no idea about this device. How to convey the necessary knowledge to him and, most importantly, how to explain that the service will be useful to him. You can paint the service point by point, in the hope that the person will not wave his hand in the middle and with the words “Oh well, it's all too complicated, too muddy” will not close the page. Or you can post an explanatory video.

    In video marketing, such content is called an explorer. Its purpose is to analyze a complex proposal in order to make it understandable or to increase its value in the eyes of the consumer. Video does this best of all, since it captures the attention of the consumer and can show him in detail the device structure and the benefits that this product guarantees him.

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    Dropbox did just that. In the first year of her existence, she made a landing page, where there was only a “Download Dropbox” button and a 120-second video announcing the principle of the service.


    Dropbox conversions and signups are up 10%.

    (By the way, there is a way to increase Dropbox storage legally and free of charge. We talked about this in the article “How we upgraded Dropbox”)

    Another plus of the explorer is that it can be combined with other tricks. For example, with personification:

    In this video made by our division of , we explained how the product works and what advantages it gives to a specific user. To do this, we used a collective image of such a user and modeled a specific problem that the product will help solve. Everything is done so that the potential client, watching the video, clicking with his fingers says “Damn it, but this is about us!”.

    Let's summarize.

    • Video captures the attention of a site visitor better than text or pictures.
    • You don’t have to make an effort to perceive the video.
    • A video can easily and simply explain how a product and / or service are designed.
    • The consumer can identify himself with the heroes of the video, thereby realizing what his need will satisfy a particular product.

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    Search Engines Love Video

    Video can demonstrate even greater efficiency if properly optimized for search engines. After all, a movie is not an isolated object mounted in the foundation of a page. No, this is a separate content element that the robots of the Google and Yandex search engines see and analyze. Therefore, the keywords placed in the annotation to the video in its title and description significantly increase the likelihood that search engines will notice and love it.

    Do not forget about subtitles - they are also indexed. Fortunately, creating subtitles for video is now much easier than before. This is because today YouTube has a function for automatically creating subtitles - the service “listens” to the audio track and forms subtitles with correctly set timings based on it. Transcription accuracy is usually lame (especially in Russian), but errors can be corrected manually.

    There is a theory that Google can independently “scan” the audio track to a video on YouTube. You can’t say for sure often he does it or not, because Google does not disclose its search secrets. But the fact that the service has such a function and it can use it is known for sure. Therefore, do not forget to add keywords to the video, even if you do not plan to make subtitles.

    But back to our sheep, or rather, to the moose with an elevator. After watching this video, the visitor to the landing page has changed a little associative series. Along with the concept of “ordering elevators”, a new one has appeared that can either sound like “Happy Tree Friends elevator” or “moose and elevator”. This is important for a specific reason, which follows from the specifics of the B2B market . Impulsive purchases are not made on it. The procurement department or the technical director will not order elevators on the first available site. Instead, a process will follow, during which dozens of options will be reviewed, and the decision process will take more than one week. The client will not place an order for 50 thousand cu just because I saw a funny video on the company's website that raised his spirits. This video does not even pursue such a goal.

    But this video helps to distinguish the company from competitors. She will have a chip, a feature, an emotional element - something that rivals are deprived of. In addition, the video will simplify the search when you need to once again consider proposals. The name Altis-Lift is easy to forget. Funny video is not so simple.

    Therefore, we named our video “Altis-lift (Lift and Elk from Happy Tree Friends)”, placing a link to the Altis-Lift website in the description, and at the same time one of the key queries.

    As the analyst shows, this technique worked. The video block on the site turned out to be one of the most viewed. He perfectly complemented the rest of the content on the page, which, by the way, led the customer 74 leads. And this is in a narrow B2B niche with a long sales cycle and an average check of 50 thousand cu

    To summarize:

    • When posting a video to YouTube, include keywords in the title, annotation, and description.
    • It’s advisable to include keywords in the text of the video and add subtitles.
    • The user may not remember the name of the company or brand, but may remember the video associated with them.

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    Do not forget about Facebook

    Saying “video on the Internet”, many mean exclusively “video on YouTube”, forgetting about the serious competitor of this service - Facebook. Tubular's statistics show that in June 2015 alone, 8.5 thousand videos were uploaded to Facebook, which generated a total of 28.3 billion views. YouTube’s metric for the same time period is just under 6,000 videos that have been watched 14.2 billion times.

    Thus, Facebook is even ahead of YouTube in terms of video views. This was achieved thanks to the auto play function, which is enabled by default on Facebook. This is one of the reasons why 50% of all videos posted on Facebook are watched on the first day. For YouTube, this figure is only 20%.

    These indicators have a downside: the life cycle of videos on Facebook is less than on YouTube - after a sharp surge in views at the start, there should be a no less sharp drop in popularity right up to complete oblivion. This is due to the fact that YouTube has an arsenal of tools for extending the life cycle of a video (sections with watched and “liked” videos, reminders to see again, subscriptions, and so on). At the same time, Facebook does not yet have such capabilities.

    That is why short, maximally saturated videos are great for Facebook. For example, for this, you can use mounted fragments of the main video posted on YouTube from which everything “unnecessary” was thrown out. Creating videos specifically for Facebook while ignoring YouTube is a bad idea.

    See what social media videos one of our customers makes (Coca-Cola). The videos on the company’s Facebook page are mostly short (less than 30 seconds). Some videos are collected from frames of advertising that the company created for TV or YouTube. For example, the famous video with “Christmas trucks”.

    Summing up all of the above, let’s say that there are no secrets of effective promotion through video marketing. But there are clear rules:

    • Make or order high-quality and interesting video content for your target audience.
    • Optimize your videos for search engines.
    • Stay tuned for new features introduced by YouTube and Facebook. And use these opportunities.
    • By following these points, you will achieve the maximum return on the video, which will positively affect the traffic and the number of leads left on the pages of your company or brand. As a result, this will increase the number of orders and the company's profit.

    You can find more information about video marketing in particular and about Internet marketing in general on the blog pages and in the section for downloading materials.

    If you have a need to develop a video, please contact our video department .

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