Personnel changes in the largest IT and media companies in Russia in two weeks

    The past two weeks (November 16-29) were not oversaturated with personnel shifts. Despite the fact that there were few changes in the staff of the largest Russian IT companies and media resources, they attracted the attention of the public.

    Someone left the company for their own projects, someone moved to another team to “re-invent everything”, and someone decided to start a little “project of the second half of life”.

    But it also happens that everyone expects the resignation of a major specialist, and he can not leave.

    Megamind invites readers to recall and commit to changes that have occurred.

    1. Founder of the popular “Facebook” community “SMM Tusovochka” Sergey Begansky became a release editor at Rambler & Co. His responsibilities will include working with new video projects - such as Lightning, for example. He announced this on his Facebook page.

    2. Former editor-in- chief Mikhail Bode led the Cossa marketing editorial . Bode left on his own in October of this year. He planned to take up his own media project "about language and its applied aspects, at the junction of a professional approach to the issue and edutainment." At the same time, he clarified that he was open to proposals and was ready to deal with two projects in parallel.

    3. Maxim Nikanorov, art director of Esquire magazine , will take over as art director"Poster" . Along with him, other former media employees, designer Pavel Alekseev and art director of the site, Vyacheslav Zhitnikov, joined Afisha.

    Maxim and his team will perform an ambitious task - literally perepridumat all told Rambler & Co. in a press release.

    4. Anatoly Orlov will head the Big Data Laboratory at IIDF. He worked at Yandex for 10 years and left the company in September. After his dismissal from the largest Russian Internet company, he stated that he was looking for a “project of the second half of his life,” but that he was simply not interested in working for money.

    5. Leo Volozh, the son of the co-founder of Yandex, Arkady Volozh, left his father's company. According toForbes Volozh is now engaged in two of its own businesses - the Moscowfresh food delivery service and a development project called California .

    Over the past 5 years in Yandex, he managed to launch Yandex.Taxi and Yandex.Master .

    And for dessert - the rapidly unfolding story of one dismissal abroad.

    True, this “shot” has not yet left the company, but the public has already signed the “sentence” in absentia.

    The authors of the American media agree that the CEO of Yahoo! Marissa Mayer has definitely become a difficult leader for her subordinates - Mayer micromanagement reaches the level where pixels are counted on web pages. According to Forbes, some industry experts believe that Mayer has long given up - and is waiting for an opportunity to leave the company. To survive, Yahoo! should be a service for video streaming, Mayer must be removed from his post, investor Eric Jackson believes.

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