Features of Russian crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding in our country began with the smipon.ru project in 2010 (in fact, raising funds from the people has long been popular, but here and now it’s not about that). The site became famous for its resonant story with a monument to Steve Jobs. In 2015, the founders closed the project.

    In 2012, almost simultaneously, two more platforms appeared to help start-ups - Planeta.ru (founder, B-2 bass player, Max Lakmus) and Boomstarter. Following - “Patron” and “Startman”.

    According to the Crowdsourcing portal, of the 864 ongoing crowdfunding projects in Russia, most are devoted to cinema, literature, music and charity.

    Maybe that's why the authors of technical ideas prefer to be placed on foreign sites. Unfortunately, there are few really successful ideas.
    1. Russian startup Tesla Amazing is already selling innovative Magnetic stickers. They raised funds on Kikstarter.

    2.HUDWAY Glass - special glass. It reflects vehicle speed data, navigation, and other data from the smartphone screen. Comes with a mobile application. Posted on Kikstarter.

    There are interesting projects completed in Russia.

    The Magic Cup project (augmented reality mug) in early 2015 raised funds on Boomstarter in 12 days.

    Despite the difficulties of Russian startups, placement in crowdfunding projects for them is a test of the viability of the idea.
    In addition, the development of crowdfunding in Russia leads to an increase in the social activity of society. Project authors receive a clear message from the public about needs and preferences.

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